• Dr Snuggles says:

    I wish I could say it was Stockholm, but that city doesn’t even qualify to be on the list at all. There isn’t one single store in the city that sells latex, nor are there any latex desigers in town.

  • latexscene says:

    Amsterdam has got to be on that list and in contention for the top slot, clubs, shops and a great atmosphere all round

  • Phoenix says:

    London seems to have it going on in terms of latex, they would get my vote in spite of their laws.
    I was (pleasantly) surprised to see Montreal as #3!

  • Nyckname says:

    Sure as hell ain’t Philly.

  • dave says:

    Having been to London, Montreal, San Francisco, New York, and Paris, and Miami. I have to say that San Francisco is the latex capital of the world.

  • Dark says:

    My guess would be for shopping it’s a probably London. I haven’t been to Berlin and Montreal’s reputation as far as I can tell be because of their MFW. London seems to have the shops and the clubs / ball.

    The more interesting question might be why are the capitals of latex where the are? Why not LA or Paris or Amsterdam with is famous Red District and what about NYC?

    My guess, and this is weird, but I think that multicultural, multi ethnic populations centers are less likely to have a big kink scene. That may be a BS reason, but there must be a reason why some locations are perv magnets.

  • Martin says:

    If we are looking per capita (i.e. density), then UmeƄ in Sweden would qualify with only 100 000 inhabitants, having a designer (, photographers, models, club and more. :)

  • Sure as hell ain’t NYC, either.

  • Jessica says:

    Heard good things on Sidney, Australia.

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