• Nyckname says:

    I think I’m in love.

  • Kelvin says:

    Really nice work indeed! I have some problem with this digital art however. I can’t really understand why people very often associate fetish and especially BDSM with the Third Reich and even think that this is sexy. Coming from Austria I have really strong feelings about the shamefull past of my country and about the artrocities that came along with it. I find it rather disturbing and sad that national socialist imagery and symbolism finds its way into fetish to such a large extent for two reasons. First it does not help non-fetishists understand that fetishists are people from most diverse backgrounds and in general a very open minded group. Second it rather feeds their precudice that “they” are “sick” and somewhat “disturbed”. It might be argued that all this is part of the plan, i.e. to disturbe and evoke certain feelings in the viewer by the artist. If she/he however has to resort to such “tactics” I consider it a rather clumsy and not very thoughful way of trying to provokwe. I do not want to belittle the artist’s talent, I just want to express my concern that it is not the wisest of choices to use such imagery and a more thoughtful handling of it would have been what I would love to see from more fetish artist.

  • MFB says:

    Oooh, I thought it was a collectible doll. I would be all over that!

  • MFB says:

    Kelvin, the same thing troubles me as well. I once thought I would combat this ridiculous trend by making a latex Pol Pot costume and wearing it to a fetish party. I mean, equal time to other genocides, right? I fantasized that another despotic regime’s uniform done up in fetish latex might make people think about fetishizing the Third Reich. (Or probably not. I suspect it would go over their heads.)

  • Rebeca Puebla: ilustrações 3D | Pinky, the Kinky says:

    […] (via LoveLustLatex) […]

  • cicci says:

    Nice ;)

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