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  • Max Laten says:

    Hey 3xL, I’d like to hear more about how your latex interest has transformed your relationship with your wife. I’m still in the closet about my fetish with my wife and your experiences may some day help me.

  • Fuzzy says:

    Happy birthday, 3XL! Hmmm, I’ll have to go and post a birthday greeting to you, seeing how your site changed my life in a maybe even bigger way, eh?

    Max, are you a member of the IAR, aka

    I ask because there’s a terrific thread on non-rubberist spouses here

    Especially relevant, well written and helpful is the advice from one “strangebrew,” which I suggested should be required reading for any man venturing into rubbersex with his partner.

    Good luck. Patience and realistic expectations and a good sense of perspective are all key to your coming out to your partner.

  • Jessica says:

    Happy blog birthday :) Even tho I’m silent and somewhat distant, doesn’t mean I don’t check in here every now and then.



  • Max Laten says:

    Fuzzy – I am a member of the IAR and have read those posts, I’d just like to hear more from people that are really getting into the scene but still have a partner thats not. I have a feeling that if I ever do reveal myself, that I’d probably be in the camp with those with spouses that simply tolerate but don’t embrace our fetish.

  • Fuzzy says:

    Max, it’s far more realistic to aim for a non-rubberist partner who can tolerate your kink and participate occasionally out of love for you and the relationship. There are some lucky rubberists who manage to awaken an inner rubberist in a spouse, but it’s far more likely not to happen.

    The post I recommended puts things in perspective in a very good way, and I would caution anyone going into this that it’s extremely rare to “convert” a partner.

    Best of luck, but most definitely have a contingency plan, and be prepared to go back into the closet, quite possibly!

  • Dark says:

    Happy Birthday.. You have come a long way in 4 yrs.

    The one place to check the pulse of the hot blood of the fetish world.

    Thanks 3Xl

  • Latex_mole says:



  • Betty LaBamba says:

    Happy BlogDay!

    4 years is a hella a long time.

  • Kira says:

    Happy Birthday, 3xL! Keep it up!

  • Oneeyedjack says:

    Cheers 3XL. 4 years and going strong. Keep up the fantastic work!

    OEJ, aka O_O

  • Anonymous says:

    maybe somekind of photo contests? For example contest for people to post photos of them in latex clothes in public (streets, bars etc.) This maybe would encourage people to try fun and daring things..?

  • rpg7 says:

    4th anniversary.!!!!!!!!!.i discovered your site 3 years ago…i enjoy every pics and post.
    please keep walking latex!!!
    la mejor de las suertes para tu sitio
    felicitaciones y feliz aniversario!
    rodrigo ruiz.

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