• 3xL says:

    Personally, I like soft lounge music, such as jazz and eletro for play. When going and party hardcore techno is great.

  • mr.B says:

    If he would play from vinyl records – now THAT would be talent!
    pressing the knobs is easy – even with chineese sticks. :P

  • quote: “The featured DJs that play at fetish parties will typically get into the spirit of things and dress up for the occasion, but I don’t think there are many that wear latex, leather or lycra on a regular basis while doing their sets. DJ Blade (featured here in February) is one among them.”

    Hi, just want to say that I always will respect the dress code, when I am DJ-ing I often wear rubber, latex, iron, most special made for me by Fetish Designer Brigitte Moore.

    You can find me at my resident: Dominatrix

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