Not having been present, I asked her about her presentation. Archean shared with me that in taking her performance piece seriously she chose to essentially “test” it a couple of times at other events. First at a Hard Rock Cafe and then at “Capital Kink” in Ottawa, where she delivered it as a multi-media piece incorporating video that she interacted with. The multi-media concept was dropped for NYC in order to prevent technical difficulties.

She wanted something with a narrative and so she designed a show with a bit of a plot line. Something about and of herself. She illustrates the journey of her discovery of her kinks and coming to terms with herself as a fetishistic woman.

*Launching in the Spring, Kink Engineering’s website “Rubberlesque” will present video of the show, I’ll keep you posted.*

I asked Archean why she decided to participate in the pageant. She laughed and freely admitted that the prize pool was a strong motivator. She then went on to say that she and her other half (Mad_Scientist) have a number of concepts (like their existing Knockoff Knockdown Blog) brewing in their Kink Engineering RubberLab. Having the Miss Rubber World title would enable her to better promote these projects – projects that benefit the rubber community.

Her plan was to represent herself as honestly as possible. She designed outfits that she truly loved and were a good reflection of her personality – including making her Tank Girl costume herself. She feels her genuine love of rubber really came through and that as someone with body-image issues she wanted to see if she could be “on par with the model-types” one expects at these competitions. Archean described to me the first time she put on a catsuit – how she literally cried for joy for feeling so beautiful (something I can very much relate to). She described competing at the event as a “very empowering” experience that made her feel “really beautiful”. She wanted to see if the public was interested in having her represent them as Miss Rubber World and they did!

It was funny listening to her describe some of the high-points of the weekend…
There was zero tolerance for fraternizing with the judges. She had to wait until after the competition to hang out with Dawnamatrix, whom she’d befriended at another fetish event, and had a terrific time doing so. She really liked the rice pudding at NYC’s “Rice to Riches” and would totally go back. Apparently this was the first “solid” food she could hold down during that weekend. You see, our Miss Rubber World was sick with the stomach flu for those three days and was vomiting literally only three hours prior to the competition.

“I absolutely loved it. It was a lot of work. It was stressful. It took every ounce of focus to make this happen.” Archean loved the whole experience so much that it brought her out of her sickness and put her in the “happiest spot in the world.”

“The crowd lost their minds and people were telling me this was the best fetish performance they have ever seen. Skydiving didn’t compare to this!”

Observing such a tremendous response from the audience made it all worthwhile even if she didn’t win.
“This was really inspiring, it built up my confidence and was loads of fun more than anything. I got to look pretty and be smart in front of an audience!”

She and her crew arranged for a videographer to capture footage for a documentary about the experience. Another Kink Engineering project? : )

I asked her if there was anything she wished to share with you folks…
“I really want this to become a big event to showcase the new amazing talent out there. I think it’s on its way to becoming that. I really want people to put forth their best efforts because this has the potential to inspire people to do new and exciting things. This is an amazing platform for people with less experience and fame to present stuff that will blow everybody away. I want people to keep striving to bring excellence to the competition because its good for the community.”

Beautifully said by a 26 year-old artist/latex-activist I’m proud to know. Well said, indeed.

*More images to follow as I receive them*

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