• I can hardly believe that this photo wasn’t digitally altered.

    If she really looks like that, that is surely not healthy. What is her weight? 38kg (75 pounds)?

    I sincerely hope that “anorexic” will not become the fashion trend in the fetish scene, like it has in mainstream fashion. Personally I would much rather see a girl with a few pounds too much than this.

  • Anna Rose says:

    she looks about 19. when i was 19 i was 110 lbs and 5’11. i ate everything i wanted – pizza, burgers, fries … and never gained weight. maybe this girl is just that way – at least, i hope so ! And, I must speak up and say-> a few more pounds on her body would be nicer in my opinion ..

  • Nils says:

    I agree with #1.

    The photo looks a bit strange to me, her face looks very much like a doll and her suit is almost to shiny. I don’t know, I use Photpshop almost daily, but is by no means an expert. However, I believe
    that it would be possible for me to create this scary skinny illusion too. Not that I would want to, bwarf…

    For sure, these anorectic models looks awful :-(

  • Miss Fetishfairy says:

    The photographer likes skinny, young girls (I know many similar pics from him) and he edits every pic he publishes to look absolutely perfect. Due to the shape of her arms etc., I would say that she still is very very slim in reality. Please don’t use words like “scary”, that doesn’t sound very nice. You don’t know her story and maybe she’s having a hard time. :( I just don’t understand why the photographer goes that far for his preferences and why Fantastic Rubber supports it :/ However I’m not surprised …

  • Matt says:

    It looks like if she sneezes, she’ll blow herself over. I agree with what’s been said… it looks unhealthy skinny.

  • Lady Arrakis says:

    Oh great, latex fetish just hits the bottom, sorry – mainstream. Had such idea in my sketchbook for goomnicks. No need to make it anymore…

  • Rubber Eva says:

    I really don’t know what these guys are trying to say with such a pic? I am all up for anything different, but “If” this picture hasn’t been altered the poor girl needs a good meal as whether she is in rubber or not its just all bad from where I am looking… But I think it’s just been done to get some PR ;) Curves! The world needs Curves lol… not bones!

    Luv Eva.

  • Tom says:

    One feature supporting the hypothesis she’s dangerously anorexic is the unedited ball joints on her humerus: those are reminiscent of the victims of Auschwitz, as are the hollows of her eyes.
    What worries me even more is the slight weight loss from wearing latex – this girl can’t afford it, and appears to be so unmuscled even getting into and out of that catsuit could be terminal.
    So all in all, this counts as one of the most loathsome images seen on the scene, on the grounds of the photographer’s abuse. There’s a thriving thread starting over on the IAR about these practices, in passing: this year has seen two professional models withdraw from the scene, partly because they felt they no longer had “it”: nonsense, imho. They simply wouldn’t play this kind of “game”, and they were right not to do so. Perhaps it’s time to get some new photographers instead.
    The fashion world has argued against these practices for years, but to no result, evidently. What do they want, legislation? That’s what’s been threatened in the UK, at any rate, because these models drive ordinary girls into all kinds of psychological twists.

  • Redrub says:

    What also worries me is that the pose seems to have been chosen to emphasise the skinniness of the model. Kind of leads me to question the motive of the photographer…

  • Gay Brindle says:

    This person is for real , you can see plenty of thin waisted corset waist cincher pics going way back, even pre internet.
    So why say its wrong ? Fat people get featured in pics, lets celebrate diversity, thin , middle and fat, the human form is varied.

  • Gummigubben says:

    At first I was going to write something more condemning about promoting photos of an obviously sick girl that needs some form of medical treatment whether she is suffering from anorexia or has abnorm metabolism and is in fact eating like a horse or whatever.
    I react with similar disgust viewing this picture as from viewing extremely fat persons.
    On second thought, aren’t we all part of some kind of freakshow with weird rubber clothing, maybe gasmasks, hazmat suits or combine with bondage and maybe body modifications. Our fetishes are certainly not to everyone’s taste, so if someone has a fetish for extremely thin people, I’m not the right one to critisize.

  • Liquid Latex says:

    I agree that she a little bit looks strange but if you go for the outfit she is wearing then in my opinion it is great. She is looking different from others i.e., eye-catching!!!

  • Dark says:

    While I find her too thin for my taste and not a stand that people should try to achieve, there are some people who are extremely thin, for whatever reason and they certainly might have the same latex fetish that the women who stuff silicone in their chest have.

    The image is disturbing but essentially no more so than the distorted image that the fashion industry and even the fetish industry gets involved with when it sets bizarre standards as goals… such as HH breasts and so forth or whatever Natalia has inside her chest these days.

    Too many fetish models pump their chests full of silicone and it’s really an odd way of celebrating female beauty. I am for more natural which includes the entire range of shapes. Aren’t you tired of the cookie cutter lifestyle choices you are being crammed into?

  • Guest says:

    Man she looks creepy, eat some food for gods sake.
    She looks like something form a zombie movie or someone that’s gonna break if you poke her.

  • Anna Rose says:

    I really like what Dark said.

  • Raymond says:

    I made this photo in January 2010. Personally I have to say the girl was scary because of her weight but I know her story and she’s not anorexia and eats a lot.

    The photo wasn’t altered or liquified in Photoshop. Fantastic Rubber made this catsuit like always made to measure and with this photo you could see it fits her individual figure very well.
    This model is the only skinny one I know who requested a made to measure catsuit from Fantastic Rubber. Peter, the owner of the German fetish label, wanted to fulfill their desire. He doesn’t want to support anorexia at all.

  • Latex_Conservative says:

    Whether there is too much silicon and too much heel to cause a model to tip over, or whether a breeze will blow this waif away, I’m reminded that in the realm of the fetish senses we can be shocked.

    I personally do not like this much thinness, but as some have said who are we to exactly judge? However, the responses should be seen as a positive. We’re tagged all the time — and too much lately thanks to over-the-top marketing in the fetish realm — of being unafraid to cross any line. Clearly, at least for ourselves as individuals, we do. From that, we can clearly justify and express both self and larger concerns. At the very least, when we are made aware of such imagery in the case, we take a moment to consider it — not approve or disapprove, but think about it. This discourse represents the “safe” and “sane” parts of the SSC, to which we ask ourselves would be go that far, or similar, in the name of our own fetishes. Thinking is healthy for any human.

  • Tom says:

    It’s not the model, it’s her influence on others which is wrong – and which you are part of, Raymond. I have a colleague whose daughter’s turned anorexic because she admires such as this as a form of rebellion. At 35kg she’s on the edge of harming herself permanently, and I’m not in favour of those who stop at the medium and don’t consider the message – it’s abusive. I find it hard to see a demarcation between this and talking a gun into a school and murdering a dozen girls, at the extreme: anorexia kills maybe that number of girls each year in Western Europe.
    Don’t encourage it.

  • Lady C says:

    I am shared on this photo. On one hand , the world fetishist is a world of tolerance where big, thin, big, small have the right to exist and to express themselves. Our fantasies are multiple, we can live them and to see them accepted by the others. We can express our difference without receiving a disapproving glance or being exiled by the society.
    On the other hand I am disturbed by extremes. I cannot believe that this girl is not anorexic as said higher. She is thus sick and this must be taken into account in the sentence which we concern her. The images conveyed by the feminine press and the world of the fashion where we can see models which looks like has nothing, i.e. not the real life, go on the rampage among the teenagers and I am disturbed by the fact that this abnormality this time dangeureuse enters our world, even under the artistic vision. What disturbs me most it is if this photo was retouched to stress its thinness.

    sorry for my English!…

  • Tom says:

    I’ve just heard some figures: 1.6m out of the UK population of about 60m suffer from anorexia, and 20% of those cases are fatal. That’s about 50 000 a year in the UK, 300 000 in Europe, and about the same in the US.
    It places fashion on the same scale as some all-time homicidal maniacs. And all for a bit of image? I rest me case, m’lud, this promotion is beyond excuse.

  • Gary Brindle says:

    To be critical of an image without knowing the person is to be very much in the style of judging by appearances. I dislike this viewpoint greatly.

  • Tom says:

    I look beyond the surface of the person. We’re all to some extent manipulated, and when the manipulator’s a public danger, I won’t back off because of ideas like fashion. That sector has had a well-deserved pasting of late for this, and if it refuses to learn and comes back again with such images, then I’ll object, if only on behalf of female rights. The figures I quoted are on a par with racism, I think you’ll find, yet you accept the one when you won’t accept the other.
    Judging by appearances is entirely acceptable when a girl is presenting herself as a model, it’s what she’s asking us to do. If she wants to present herself as a person, let her present herself in an unposed non-commercial shot. This is both posed and commercial and so I judge. I said above what the effect on others is, and that far outweighs non-judgementalism in my book: if you have no standards then you have no right to comment. If this falls within your gamut of acceptible standards, then I’m sorry, I feel you’re exploiting someone who’s seriously ill. Anorexia is recognised as a serious mental illness, often accompanied by medical conditions, and someone suffering from it is entitled to legal protection throghout Europe, according to the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
    Temporary end of rant, unless someone else wants to argue naively.

  • michelle says:

    I wonder if any of the people who have commented on that photo are anorexic themselves? A lot of the comments I’ve read are full of facts and figures, many of them quite truthful.But i dont think you really understand the disease unless you have it. I am anorexic. and that photo i found very empowering, beautiful,sexy, and well within the relm of fetish art and style. And I can’t avoid the truth that, for every one person that thinks a given too thin model is unattractive, there are a thousand people who would give their eye teeth to be associated with that same model in any way,shape,or form. The majority of the planet wants to see tiny tiny waists and huge breasts. You can nay say all you want, and I might even agree with some of you, but the truth is the truth (however dis-functional it might be) And THAT is what is the draw to make a woman want to look like that. It’s the power that it yields. Surely this crowd can understand power exchange. What was disturbing to me was all the negative comments here. And what’s worse is many of your comments only trigger my disease more.
    Anorexia is a disease of control. It’s a control issue.(sound familiar ? )When my life is out of control,or i just feel that way, the one thing I can control is my body. I found many of the comments a bit hypocritical. It’s ok for a Dominant to control my body but I can’t ? And how many masters and dominants practise body modification on subs ? so it’s okay to put me in a corset to make my waist 19″, but if i achieve the same look on my own without a corset thats wrong ?? that offends you ? and another thing.. its my body, i have the right to do with it what i wish. no one has dominion over my physical body except me (and the person i give it to).
    (see I told you it was about control, and i am triggered)

    if all of you want to do something to help anorexics get better, say nothing! at least say nothing confrontational. i know it seems hard or wrong, but when you put me in a power struggle, or a confrontation, you trigger my disease.
    never tell an anorexic they need to eat, or they are too skinny. this triggers the disease (Dis-Ease) instead tell a person that you suspect is anorexic how nice they look. this puts us at ease. its calming, its not a confrontation. its not an assault.
    it is friendly. and it might just make me feel like eating something. And when (or if) you notice we’ve put on a little weight please don’t say things like “finally!” or “it’s about time you put some meat on your bones!” or any of the many over the top insensitive almost yelled at me expressions. instead maybe try: “gee, you look very nice today.” Or something calm,soothing, or positive reinforcement.
    Please don’t make it a fight or a battle. If you do, then we both loose,
    and I die.

  • Rory says:

    This is so silly. The lady is not anorexic. Her breasts are too large and thighs are too thick to be attributed to an anorectic state. Generally speaking, you can identify an anorectic individual by a pear shaped dimension of space between their thighs. Based on this photo, her thighs do not portray this trait. Another characteristic is lanugo, which is growth of down hair all over the body. It is a response from the body to warm itself. It is caused by chronic starvation.

    Eating Disorders have the highest mortality rate of all Psychiatric disorders. It is said that twenty percent of ED people will eventually die. Not per year, but eventually. Eating Disorders encompass not only Anorexia Nervosa, but also Bulimia Nervosa, Pica, Not specified Eating Disorder, and a few others not officially published in a medical manual. About 1 in every 10 ED individuals is a male.

    It is a severe set of behaviors that can lead to organ death, which brings the death of the human. They are abnormal behaviors in relation to food.

    They become so anorectic that their organs will and do fail. Some survivors have damaged livers, kidneys, hearts. The electrolyte imbalance causes their heart to fail.

    She might have an eating disorder. Some do who are not displaying a severe anorectic state. Bulimics are found at normal weight levels.

  • Raymond says:

    For all who have problems with that photo. Fantastic Rubber and I either haven’t published the photo in any form. What the model does with the photo is up to her.

    Maybe she likes to present herself that way.

  • Tom says:

    I’ve already disposed of the fashion argument, and simply saying the fuss just makes it worse deserves the reply thank you for your viewpoint, but your angle shows why it’s a deep-rooted mental illness (not a disease, in passing) – you have the right to switch out, use it, Michelle, and then you might just begin taking control of your life back. I’m not the one shoving this and its ilk down your throat, blame Raymond and company, they started it and must finish it. I see and support a father who has absolutely no control over what his anorexic daughter does – that’s worse than the anorexic who blames everyone else but takes no responsibility herself! If so many want to be thin, how come we have an explosion of obesity?
    My target remains the fashion cult of stick thinness which promotes this: there is a happy medium between the victims of the food industry and the victims of the fashion industry. We are all as we are, but too many follow like sheep some insane pied-piper who’s out to use and abuse them at their expense. Rebel wisely, Michelle.

  • Gary Brindle says:

    Gosh Tom , you need to read the comments a bit more carefully. Sure you are very emotional about this subject but just cut the person in the photo more slack, keep your rant for the general forums and stop the grief on one person. I know several models via internet chat and they are naturally thin and very healthy.
    You make huge assumptions that all those who are thin have a disorder and in this you are so wrong.

  • Adrian says:

    I’m a bit aghast that a picture has effected such a response from our own community where tolerance to things “a bit different” is normally in such abundance.

    It’s a picture, other than what raymond has said in the comments – nobody knows anything about her or her situation, infact there seems to have been an “witching” where she’s suddenly deemed anorexic based only on the fact that she’s thin, way to go community! (be sure not to hurt yourselves on your pitchforks!)

    You do realise that there are a million and one reasons why people are thin, not all thin people are anorexic, that’s a prejudice that most thin people have to deal with every single day of their lives- I get it all the time, I’m 6’6 and terribly thin, am I anorexic? No, I have a medical condition called marfans syndrome – there’s nothing I can do about it, I just live with it, just like I live with the stares and looks from people when I’m out and about.

    And because she’s thin, does that suddenly preclude her from having the right to model and to earn a living?

    We don’t know the story behind the picture, it’s purely a picture, we don’t know the background behind it, so I think idle speculation is just “plain old stupid”.

    Take it at face value, a piece of art, discuss it’s merits, pitfalls and what you like/don’t like, but don’t speculate on the morality of it without having full disclosure of the facts behind it.

  • Simone says:

    I’ve been anorexic since I was 12 (I’m 20 now) and personally, discovering latex and fetish was a big part of my reclamation of my own body – I have come and am coming to terms with myself physically through sex and kink. we don’t know what, if any, this girl’s problems are, but I’d optimistically like to suggest that her association with the emphatically corporeal, sexual, tactile medium of latex might speak to an active interest in the female form (in all its permutations), and not the asexual disembodiment that characterises anorexia as well as much mainstream fashion photography.

  • Observer says:

    I’m really torn by this image. On one side, who am I to hinder other’s people artistic impression, or judge someone’s appearance? If Raymond tells us that the woman isn’t anorexic, well I guess we have to believe him.

    On the other hand, anorexia is a terrible disease of the mind – and images like these can promote it. This isn’t an image of a kink I disapprove of – it’s an image that can help trigger a potentially deadly illness (even if she isn’t anorexic, she does look it). So really, I don’t know what stance to take.

    Michelle and Simone, thank you for sharing with us. I hope you beat this illness, and do not give up – a lot of women have done so successfully.

    Michelle, I know you say you want to avoid confrontation, so I will respect your wish.

  • Kim K says:

    I only like it, because i like the macabre.
    My regular preference is what some wierdly enough calls “plus-size”, when it’s actually normal looks.

    Since it is said that the model isn’t anorectic, so much better.
    But, as i said, i like the macabre, and kink combined with macabre obviously means … an alternative work of art for me.

    However, i’d prefer a more normal-looking any day, because this “scary thin” is normally just attainable through the anorexia sickness, bowel parasites, or photoshopping.

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