• I love this article! I have so many clients that come to me after they have had a bad experience. I have them ask as many questions as they like, mail swatches, what ever they need to make themselves feel more comfortable with the proses. It might be more expensive to purchase from a well known designer, however they are well known for a reason! Sometimes spending more is worth the peace of mind.

  • Hi there.
    I actually have such a guide on the Fetish Shopping page on my site.

    It covers concepts such as dealing with foreign merchants who may not communicate as effectively in your language as you’d like, as well as detailed measurements.

    Most of my online shopping experiences have been terrific – especially on eBay.

    The most disappointing one that comes to mind – with Simon O – was not because of any wrong-doing or shadiness, but because in spite of all the measurements I sent, a catsuit should be made by a tailor who can fit you in person.
    They quickly took care of the situation by giving me a credit for an item – latex hose – that would not have such detaiuled measurements that could go wrong.

    Have a look at my guide as I consider it rather detailed and helpful.

    Have a wonderful day.

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