– Print out the template on the back matte side of the glossy paper.
– Cut away the eye and mouth details of the latex hood stencil using the hobby scalpel.
– Cut out the outline of each part of the heart using a pair of scissors.
– Fold the heart parts in half with the matte/pattern side out and cut the pattern into each part of the heart.
– Fold the heart parts so the glossy side is out.
– Now pleat the heart parts together. Check out this video to see how it’s done.
– Finally cut out the hank and glue it inside the heart.

Pleated Christmas hearts (Danish: Julehjerte) are a Danish and north German Christmas tree ornaments. The exact age and origin of the tradition of making paper hearts are unknown, but the oldest known pleated Christmas hearts were made by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen in 1860.

Don’t forget to send me a photo of your finished pleated heart. And let me know in the comments, if you have an idea for a kinky latex Christmas decoration.

Merry Latex Christmas everyone!


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