“As far back as I can ever remember I have dreamed dreams of claustrophobic rubber masks, shiny latex, corrugated tubing, mysterious machines and beautiful, powerful women performing strange rituals and medical procedures.”

“I thought I was alone in my desires and for many decades held in those thoughts and repressed my fantasies. I still dreamed vivid dreams and felt desires but had no outlet.”

“As a professional artist and designer I made vanilla works and worked on may respectable creative projects. But nothing in the real world scratched the itch.”

“It was an itch that gnawed at the back of the mind, triggered by a flash of a slick, shiny, silky surface, the scent of rubber or the sounds of breathing. Every day, without fail, all my life. And every night in that place where dreams come, I would fleetingly find myself in dark corridors, witness to and subject to the strange, delicious pleasures where gender dissolves and only sensation and desires take hold.”

“After years of wanting to express this side of me I created phetishskin – an anonymous persona to allow me to explore my dreams and desires without restraint.”

Please support Phetishskin via Patreon – take part of the artistic exploration of the latex fetish bizarre!


The german-based latex label from 2020, uses a range of high-tech tools, including a high-speed laser cutting system, to create beautiful latex designs with great accuracy, clean cuts, and sealed edges.

Check out the street-ready latex hoodies and biker suits for the guys and elegant lingerie with detailed etchings and delicate latex net stockings for the girls.

Visit the Rubbertech Clothing online store today.

Sky Suit langarm by Rubbertech Clothing
Sneaker Snake 3D by Rubbertech Clothing
Dessous-Set Skull by Rubbertech Clothing

“The inspiration came from the original animal-themed gas mask creator, Wild Gas Masks, and the entire rubberfur community. I started with my own take on a dragon gas mask, and then expanded to other creatures.”

It’s not easy to create a gas mask of high quality. You need both computer skills and latex crafting knowledge as well as an immense amount of patience. Purple Dragonmage, explains:

“The initial design process can take months to get the sculpting of the shape the way I want it. I work digitally in 3D modeling programs to refine the design, and then 3D print the master molds.”

“Once the master molds are made, each mask takes between 40-80 hours of work to complete depending on horns, ears or other features on the mask.”

The final result is amazing and unique latex gas masks, that turn the wearer into a beast and are sure to turn heads at any fetish party!

The animal-themed gas masks range in price from $1000 to $2000 for most designs. Purple Dragonmage doesn’t offer his gas masks for direct sales yet, but occasionally is open for commission via his Twitter profile, so be sure to follow him.

Photos by Purple Dragonmage

Bunny Latex Gas Mask
Hawk Latex Gas Mask
Dragon Latex Gas Mask

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