Using the months of lockdown The Baroness reviewed, cataloged and archived both the history of The Domaine of The Baroness along with the fetish scene she is such a part of. This provided an overview as to just how much the latex world has changed and as a result, realized that this was the perfect time to move on to her next phase.


A majority of VTubers used to be Japanese-speaking YouTubers or live streamers who use anime-inspired avatar designs, but in the last year, there has been an explosion of new English-speaking VTubers. The most popular VTubers have several million followers.

Mitsuki’s VTuber avatar is a cute female android with long lavender hair, cat ears, and blue eyes. She wears a skintight latex catsuit with transparent panels and blue details with a transparent light blue bubble dress on top.

You can watch her weekly streams on YouTube, where she does latex ASMR, plays horror games while being gagged, shares tips on drawing latex, talk about DIY latex projects. She also interviews real people and does collaborations with other VTubers. I find her streams both entertaining and fun.

Mitsuki speaks Japanese on stream, but she does understand English. You can try to activate English subtitles using YouTubes auto-translation function, but it’s not very good at spoken Japanese.

If you can’t catch Mitsuki’s live streams, you can always access her previous streams on the Mitsuki Awano YouTube channel video page.

Subscribe to Mitsuki’s YouTube channel (Mitsuki Awano) and follow her on Twitter (@naka_awano).
Additionally, there is a merchandise page on BOOTH where you can buy stickers, coasters, inflatables, and dakimakura body pillow covers featuring Mitsuki Awano.


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