“The inspiration came from the original animal-themed gas mask creator, Wild Gas Masks, and the entire rubberfur community. I started with my own take on a dragon gas mask, and then expanded to other creatures.”

It’s not easy to create a gas mask of high quality. You need both computer skills and latex crafting knowledge as well as an immense amount of patience. Purple Dragonmage, explains:

“The initial design process can take months to get the sculpting of the shape the way I want it. I work digitally in 3D modeling programs to refine the design, and then 3D print the master molds.”

“Once the master molds are made, each mask takes between 40-80 hours of work to complete depending on horns, ears or other features on the mask.”

The final result is amazing and unique latex gas masks, that turn the wearer into a beast and are sure to turn heads at any fetish party!

The animal-themed gas masks range in price from $1000 to $2000 for most designs. Purple Dragonmage doesn’t offer his gas masks for direct sales yet, but occasionally is open for commission via his Twitter profile, so be sure to follow him.

Photos by Purple Dragonmage

Bunny Latex Gas Mask
Hawk Latex Gas Mask
Dragon Latex Gas Mask

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  • Don says:

    I own the dragon model shown at the right here. It’s really incredible what some talented and dedicated DIY-ers can do. The thing is a total beast (in more ways than one!), and is admittedly nicer fitting and functioning than a real Avon FM-12 gas mask I own. I will happily admit I haven’t worn any gas mask other than this dragon model since I got it nearly 4 months ago.

    His name is no lie: Purple Dragonmage is a wizard in his own right!

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