• Andreas says:

    I Love Masks and so I bought à perforatet Latexmask at Antwerpen. It felt so good. I was 19 of Age =) Now I’M 38 and have a lo of Clothes in Latex.

  • juliette says:

    My first latex was a lovely ensemble of black knicks and black bra courtesy Demask!

  • Sven Knorre says:

    My first latex article was a yellow latex panty.
    And it was a really great feeling. Since this day I wear latex trousers, latex tops and lots more.
    And I really really love the great designs of Latex Lady S. She is a brilliant designer and I would like to have the catsuite ;-) It’ fantastic ;-)

    have a nice day

  • 3xL says:

    Sorry! The give-away is closed.

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