One such event is the “Meltallic – The Glossy and Tightly Salon”, which just had its 1st anniversary. These meetups are hosted every three months at a nightclub setting where you can hang out with 30-40 participants from around the world. Most people who go there are Japanese but one-third of attendees come from all over the world for this stunning experience!

There is also the virtual reality latex cafe “Café Lattex“. The café is open every other Monday from 22:00 to 23:00 JP time, where the wearing latex staff will be waiting for your visit. Reach out to the owner @Shinonomehigure for an invitation.

Generally, the VRChat latex community is around 200 people, who specialize in creating outfits, shaders, and models in general. Most VRChat latex models/avatars are home-brewed, made by the user by combining different 3D model parts, also known as “Kitbashing”, or actually build the 3D model from scratch.

Getting Started with VRChat is Easy
Opposite to what most people think, you don’t need a VR headset to enjoy VRChat. You do however need a headset with a microphone to chat with people.

Download the free VRChat app via STREAM and run it on your desktop. Setup is simple and after a short tutorial, you can start to explore the worlds of VRChat.

Finding a VRChat Latex Avatars and Worlds
Start by finding an avatar for yourself. Most people pick one from the extensive list of free avatars found on so-called avatar worlds. If you are looking for a VRChat latex avatar, then Yerite’s Shiny Avatars, Comfy Burrow, Akai`Avatar World, Rubber Dragon Drone Avatars or Subcom Legacy Avatars is excellent places to start.

Explore some different worlds and learn how to control your avatar. Visit hangouts like The Black Cat or Void Club and listen in on the types of conversations users have there. If you are getting targeted by pranksters who can make your VRChat freeze, just adjust your privacy settings. Soon you will feel much more at home in the virtual world.

There are a few VRChat latex worlds, and if you join the public sessions you can also meet like-minded people there. When you meet someone you like talking to, make sure to send a friend request right away, the chance of running into them again by random is very small.

Expand your friend list by connecting with VRChat users online. Try looking for VRchat groups on Discord. There are also some VRChat groups on FetLife. Look for Twitter users who are active on #VRChat hashtag. You are also welcome to send me a friend request, my username is ThreeXL.

Taking Your VRChat Latex Experience to the Next Level
When you have gotten accustomed to how VRChat works or if you wish to stand out more, then you might want to purchase a premium avatar from one of the many creators. VRChat latex avatars, clothing, and avatar bespoke services can be found on digital marketplaces (search for VRC or VRCHAT) such as and and others.

Build your personal avatar combining different 3D model parts (body, head, clothing, etc.), change the texture of skintight clothing to latex using Unity and a MATCAP latex shader, or pay for a custom-made 3D model.

The final step is VR equipment. One of the cheapest option is the Oculus Quest 2 headset. However, be aware that you CANNOT view high bandwidth content in VRchat, unless you run the VRchat client on your PC (graphics card required) and connect your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your PC with a USB Type-C High-Speed PC VR Link Cable.

The “HTC Vive” or “Valve Index” headsets and controllers for a more immersive experience and better body tracking. Full-body tracking can be done with “Vive trackers“, quite expensive, but worth it, if you love to show off your latex avatar in the virtual world!

I’m excited to know how people have experienced VRChat! Please leave a comment!

See you in the virtual world!


  • DrunkenBrownies says:

    Great article! I hope all the information I’ve given is useful for newcomers~

  • LatexKitten says:

    Zeni’s shiny shelter discord link doesn’t work anymore

  • 3xL says:

    Thank for the notice. Changed the link to list of groups instead.

  • shmo says:

    Where could I find the avatar from the image at the top of this article? Love your website by the way :)

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    That is the custom avatar that belongs to the user @itsuka_ksrg.

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