In an email to all IAHR members Ataraxia writes “I have recently retired from my job and after nearly 15 years of operating the International Association of Heavy Rubberists it is time for me to move on to something else. My heart just isn’t in it any more.”

I started my “out of the closet” journey in IAHR’s forums and learned a great deal from all it’s members. Ataraxia is both a great guy and a passionate rubberist. I would like to thank Ataraxia for all the hard work he has done for the latex community and I’m confident that he will enjoy his well deserved retirement… in latex naturally!

The sale includes all forum content, the “Rubberist.NET/.ORG/.INFO/CO.UK” domains and the (non-expiring) license to the vBulletin software. If you are interested, please contact Ataraxia privately. Serious cash inquiries only!

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  • Rubberron says:

    Hi to All

    The I.A.H.R. has been sold to Wired and Zennor.

    The new owners are contractually obligated not to make any significant changes to the I.A.H.R. until the end of June.

    Along with the current admin team Rubb and me(Rubberron) the plan is to develope the I.A.H.R. into a futureproof latex resource that will continue to serve the rubber fetish community for many years to come.

    In the meantime we welcome any suggestions that you may have to improve the site, afterall it’s you the members who make I.A.H.R. what it is, so let us know and if we the new team can implement those suggestions then we will.

    We hope you will raise a glass with us in celebration of the fact that Ataraxia has graciously accepted the bid made by Wired and Zennor.

    So for us a day to celebrate but also a day tinged with sadness as our leader Ataraxia retires from his role as owner and administrator of Ataraxia has decided to spend time developing and refining his Fetishaman project we all wish him the very best that life can bring and success in his new project.

    So lets raise an even bigger glass to Ataraxia without whom none of this would be possible. All the best to you Atx!

    Rubberized Greetings

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