• Latex says:

    YES! :D
    I have sorely missed SkinTwo Mag, it’s nice features, articles, reviews, photos etc…

    Even though it’s counterpart Marquis is a nice mag I think it sometimes it’s too much of a “porn mag”, and no I am NOT a prude and I don’t mind porn, I just think that SkinTwo filled out the space in a more appropriate/applicable way considered it’s a mag for the scene and parts above and not below the waist.

  • andy says:

    i’d rather see money paid to those that were promised refunds but never received them after the debacle of the last SK2 ball, rather than see it thrown at a magazine that’s been going so downhill it’s subterranean.

    I miss the old skin two. The good skin two. As for this one that keeps rearing it’s ugly head, i don’t miss it at all :( I recognise the brand, but haven’t recognised the quality in years.

  • dark says:

    I think this is evidence that SKII is following, not leading trends as they once were. My recollection has SKII as one of the main if not the main driving force which normalized fetish and rubber, got more people interested in attractive fetish wear and encourage a whole spate of new designers and so forth to get with the program. They ushered in a revolution in fetish fashion to our benefit.

    However, they lost control as competition surfaced and market share and tried to move into what it is that pervs do as opposed to what they wear approach. This was not as easy to mainstream as style was and their BDSM thrust was a bust (expected and a bad idea).

    So now they want to make money again and be a fashion rag reporting all the exciting stuff being created assuming that people will be buying mags etc. in big numbers as opposed to the clothing line (and the mag) they did. I think it’s fine to produce high quality fetish images, but that marketing them is not a very viable biz model as their are so many “free lancers” out there now doing great work, publishing on the web and much of it available for free. Most of us are now getting our info from the web and don’t even bother with print media which has become horribly expensive.

    My sense is that this effort while welcome, will not be very successful and if the revenue stream doesn’t cut it, they will again go away. SKII has been a victim of its own success.

  • Garlor says:

    I have a feeling this will be digital only.They are going to have to work hard to match the best ever online latex fashion magazine

  • James says:

    The yearbook annual/book thing and then the online LateXtra were replacements for the full-on magazine, though either way, nice that they’re online, thinking about it though, since when did a porn magazine online distributor have an interest in “cool fashion”, and not sure cool fashion (whatever that is) is actually anything to do with the roots of Skin Two unless that means very specific fetish fashion. Whatever, it looks like a new direction for a porn mag distributor as much as Skin Two here except it’s all very confusing now because I have no idea what is going to actually be IN the dead-now-un-dead magazine, back to the roots or something new and not of interest, and what will happen to the new “swish” LateXtra?

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