• 3xL says:

    HMSophie & kumimonster informed me via Twitter that it’s Rachel Freire.

  • Observer says:

    Impressive 3XL… I was about to suggest it might have been photoshopped. She has some pretty wild designs!

  • kumi says:

    it is photoshopped. the jacket is not latex at all. i’ve worn it.

    the fotographer fotoshopped it.

  • The only photoshop in this outfit is the colour, and the jacket is available in custom latex through the bespoke contact section of my website.
    My latex work is all done in collaboration with Lady Lucie so entire complimentary outfits can be made also.

    Skirt in this particular image is a random styling acquisition and is by Anatomic Bomb.

  • modfetish says:

    Photographer is Steve Kraitt I believe.

  • Jayne says:

    Take a look at the fabulous shoes, I’m quite sure they’re by Natacha Narro.

  • Alphax says:

    Without the comments above, from the weird angle of the model’s head and the unnatural shadowing I would have guessed that was a Poser picture.

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