• Miss Viki says:

    Fashion fades, only vintage style remains the same ;) I think there is some truth to it.

  • Phoenix says:

    I disagree; they are similar only in their flowing style. The old photo looks like a large bathrobe which is belted over a catsuit. The new one is a lovely, well-constructed dress made of a thinner gauge and in a pretty light pink color. You usually only saw dark colors in the 60’s and 70’s. I think quite a bit has changed!!

  • Gary Brindle says:

    Totally disagree, but you knew that anyway !
    Todays fashions are far more inventive , better cut, much more choice of colour. We have inflatables, printed latex for example.

  • Dark says:

    The great debate about plagiarism is more about MONEY than anything else. It’s the money and control of and access to the market and the cash flows… the reputation and so forth which is creating this rather ugly fighting amongst people who apparently like latex as a material to craft fashion from.

    I suppose that what we don’t hear in all these debates and discussions is what sort of money is at stake. Aside from the fact that latex is expensive, it appears that the market is rather small… as it can’t be mass produced (yet) and it’s hardly suitable for long day to day wear and UV exposure (though that is being dealt with).

    Were I not following the “latex world” on the internet, I would think it is some odd material worn exclusively by pop stars… as I essentially have never seen in worn on the street in the day time in NYC. Obviously I can only be in one place at a time and latex may be popular for club wear and so forth, worn at venues I don’t frequent. But the bottom line here is the market seems to be so small to be worrying about plagiarism and copying and “stealing” designs.

    If someone makes a few items 5-10 or 20 and sells them and they seem to resemble closely another maker’s work… is this a true economic threat?

    It seems much ado about nothing… and actually petty in the end. The talented designers will ALWAYS produce quality work and distinguish themselves … and never simply knock off the work of others. The copycats are competing for a rather small market where there is some “snob appeal” by consumers to get the “name brand” and will more than likely go with the tried and true established designers.

    Why the paranoia and pettiness?

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree! Timeless designs are constantly added to new collections but they are almost never a recently created style. Take harem pants for instance, they have been worn by both men and women around the world for centuries, more then just a long-living and inventive trend!

  • Agni Dog says:

    I agree! Almost no new! ))
    My Russian friends are doing latex suit with no side seams!

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