• Fuzzy says:

    K and I bought that calendar, and it’s ass. It is so awful! The only decent looking latex outfit is a blurry photograph, and the calendar itself is marred by this sarcastic judgmental factoids about rubber and fetishism. It totally diminishes a great fetish and material with its rotten attitude.

    In addition, the models look very ill at ease, particularly the last one of a model in a hideous long red dress with exposed breasts. She couldn’t look more miserable.

    Finally, those hot pink outfits on the cover??? Just WHAT the hell was HoH thinking?

    Bottom line: the calendar does nothing to legitimize latex or to present it in any novel way. I highly doubt it will convert anyone to latex, given the outfits chosen and how they were photographed.

  • Vidking says:

    I couldn’t agree more, its not very good at all. In between Vanilla and boring. I couldn’t believe that one of the photos is so badly out of focus, did a pro shoot that calendar ???
    Its one big mistake to assume that a top model can do fetish, you need a girl who is seriously into the scene to look good. Otherwise it ends up looking like this calendar.

    Free its overpriced !

    One thing it has done is inspired me to do one myself.

    Rant Over


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