• Ishtar says:

    Euhm daring… simply too expensive???

    You should do some research into how much latex, rubbr and pvc kink outfits cost.

    Prices starting at €2000 for anything but the most boring of pieces is pretty normal.

    I’ve seen full costumes at parties that easily cost twice or triple that….

  • 3xL says:

    I’m sorry darling, but I have to disagree. The only way that you are going to top that price of €2.000 is if you ask Robin from “House of Harlot” to make you one of a kind outfit and that is not many people who can afford that.

  • Latex Lady says:

    Such prices for latex are certainly high, but one must remember that you are really buying the burberry name and paying as much for that as for the material, craftsmanship, and design.

    Many of our favorite latex designers have as good designs and craftsmanship and use top quality latex, but do not yet have the ‘cache’ of a house like burberry. They cannot, therefore, command such prices.

    Some come close, however and are raising their houses’ profiles to a degree that the general public is becoming aware of them. HOH and Atsuko Kudo are two such. The popularity of some designers with celebrities helps this.

    It is certainly possible for some fetishists to spend vast amounts on an outfit, a dress, or an ensemble. But you are also correct in stating that excellently designed and executed latex wear is available from professional,talented, and creative designers for more moderate prices.

    I believe it is a good thing for rubber clothing to enter the mainstream of fashion. Latex is a wonderfully versatile material and this bodes well for design. Anytime new materials or techniques emerge, they are often highly priced. But over time, as more producers take up tthe banner of this material for mainstream clothing, the prices will fall.

    Hopefully, some of our most well respected designers and producers will benefit from that transition.


  • Esem says:

    It even looks good on a woman with a figure, instead of a skinny model. Check out Jennifer Hudson in it on Good Morning America

  • Robin Archer says:

    Thanks to everybody who name-checked House of Harlot alongside Burberry’s “latex” or “rubber” range. It took me less than 15 seconds to discover that what Burberry are offering is not “rubber”, and certainly not “latex”. Rubber is a generic name, and means something that will erase through friction. Latex is the natural rubber that comes from trees, and the name derives from the latin for liquid or body fluid.

    Burberry declares in their features and care information that the products are 100% PVC. So they are simply trying to cash in on the zeitgeist for fetishy fabrics, while selling an overpriced product made from polyvinyl chloride. You really are just paying for the name, as nicely designed as the garments are.

    When you spend £2000+ at House of Harlot what you get is a personal service, a unique design and a made to measure garment as standard. If all you need is a well-fitting pencil skirt, flattering to your form, then we ask £139.00. It will also be made of genuine LATEX RUBBER!

    Stitched unlined polyvinyl chloride has a nasty tendency to tear along the stitch line….

    Robin, House of Harlot

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