• Nyckname says:

    I wonder if I could pay off one of those by taking to SciFi cons and selling “rides”?

  • dvote says:

    I have tried one myself a couple of times and found it is better to be led into the Egg before it is fully inflated. I was able to put the gas mask and then kneel comfortably before the zips were closed. The Egg was fully inflated after I was in. I do recommend an electric pump to inflate the Egg, as it contains a huge volume of air. I was also able to take a fœtus position, which added the full dimension of the “inside egg” experience for me.

    Once the Egg is fully inflated there is no space to move inside, although I could still move my arms with some effort in order to reach the inside runner. This is a security feature which is necessary to ensure a safe emergency exit in case the Mistress or Master is unexpectedly unavailable.

    As a sub inside, what I most appreciated after the complete sensory deprivation and the utter isolation was when the multiple runners were opened and I was tickled from the outside. The tickling can very easily be made punishment of course for a bad sub.

    The Egg stands up by itself when it is inflated with or without someone inside. The base has been designed large enough to ensure stability and the center of gravity was studied to be closer to the base, so it doesn’t topple over easily. However, it is more stable when someone is inside. From outside the Egg can be pushed on the side and pushed back straight with little effort due again to the centre of gravity being close to the base of Egg. The sensation inside when the Egg is moved in that way increase the feeling of being completely restricted and at the mercy of the outside world.

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