I was curious and wished to learn more about how the dedicated latex couple first met, how latex was introduced, and how they created a latex fetish lifestyle for themselves.

I am confident that the story of MizzP and Silver will inspire anyone who hopes to live a latex lifestyle. Check back for more latex interviews on LUST LOVE LATEX.


3xL: Let´s start from the beginning. When did you meet Silver and were you already into latex at that point?

MizzP: I met Silver seven years ago at a Bryan Adams concert. It took a few weeks to establish contact and a couple of months before we decided to call ourselves a couple and we have been together since.

Silver has since he was a boy, been passionate about rubber and latex and it was a big desire that it became a part of my life as well. The dominant role has always been a big part of who I am, so it was not difficult to add latex.

I feel life moves very fast. Both of us are very busy with family, children, and work. Days when we put on latex and are present, are good days.

3xL: Latex hoods, gas masks, rainwear, heavy rubber, and dominance. Do you just jump in, or has it evolved over time?

MizzP: I just jumped in! The role feels very natural to me. What has evolved over time, is my collection of latex gear.

My latex hoods, for example, are very special to me. Whenever I put on latex, they become an integral part of my personality. My latex hoods have changed greatly in quality and form over time. My hoods are tailored to fit my face, so I can wear them for a whole day or night without issues. Most of my latex hoods are made by Silver.

Regarding BDSM play, I believe it’s all about trust. Over time, the trust has definitely evolved. As our relationship has grown, the trust between us has grown as well.

3xL: You must have quite a collection of latex clothing. What is your newest piece of latex clothing, and do you have a favorite latex clothing store?

MizzP: I do. I think I have more latex than normal clothes. I store all of my latex in our “fetish room” at home, which is like a walk-in closet. The latest pieces I bought were a bondage corset from HW Designs, a black and see-through bolero from Latex Vogue, and a chlorinated black catsuit from Rubbertech clothing, that I bought because of the front zipper. I also have a couple of catsuits from Simon O – they are amazing once they are on, but they can be challenging to put on yourself.

We have a couple of new latex items on the way. Latex companies in Europe have been extremely busy since Brexit, making delivery times quite long.

I don´t have a favorite latex store. I like them all!

Silver makes a great deal of my latex himself. The majority of my masks and harnesses, as well as my skirts, leggings, and skirts, are handmade. Whenever I have an idea for something, Silver makes it.

3xL: You talk about how you are in love with the transformation you undergo to become your latex fetish persona. Can you tell us about the transformation process and what it does to you?

MizzP: Most of the time, I am a very normal woman. A lot of children, long work hours, and all the normal household chores.

When we plan a photoshoot, I know both of us prioritize taking the day off. One of the pleasures of becoming MizzP is taking the time to do so.

I love the transformation. Putting on make-up and lashes. Getting dressed and deciding which heels to wear. Silver tightening the corset. Finishing off with hood, lipstick, and gloves. Everyday me and MizzP are very different!

3xL: As a dominant woman, you have a lot of experience. What is the most challenging aspect of being a Domme and what are your favorite BDSM practice?

MizzP: I wish people would describe their requests more clearly when they contact me. Many people believe that I know exactly how to live out their inner BDSM dream. Dreams are often very private and have a lot of details, and some people often had those dreams for a long time. That can be a real challenge to figure out what people want. So please give me some details.

I love pegging Silver, on the swing in our “fetish room”, with bondage cuffs and straps. Private time. I love it.

3xL: There are many photos of you wearing latex in public. Different people react to latex clothing differently. What are some of the best reactions you have gotten while wearing latex in public?

MizzP: There is no doubt – participating in the Latex City Walk in Berlin in 2019.

While in Berlin for the German Fetish Ball Weekend, we stayed at the NHow hotel. There was an open Latex City Walk event, I believe it was on the same day as the main Fetish Ball event.

Silver and I both wore black and see-through latex. It was quite the experience standing on the public train station, holding hands totally enclosed in latex. We got so much positive attention, we still talk about it.

Throughout the entire 10 km walk with the other Latex City Walk attendees, positive comments kept coming in.

When wearing latex in public, I have never received any negative comments. We both like to wear “regular” clothes with latex when we go out to dinner, etc.

3xL: Introducing latex into a relationship can be a make-or-break moment for some couples. Can you give some advice to latex lovers looking to introduce latex into their relationship?

MizzP: I cannot show you the golden path to how to introduce latex to your partner. But I highly recommend that you tell your partner about your latex fetish and tell it as early on as possible in your relationship. If you do not tell in time, I think your loved one will wonder who you really are, or even get an “I didn´t sign up for this” feeling.

The latex fetish will never go away. You can tone it down in periods, but it will come out occasionally.

Today, I’m not sure how big of a problem it is. The general acceptance of latex is different from when Silver and I grew up. I say – go for it!

3xL: Where can people find out more about you?

MizzP: You can always write me. And please say hi to us if you see us at fetish events. You can follow me on @dk_mizzp on Instagram, @mizzp_dk on Twitter, and connect with me on Mizz_P on Fetlife and @mizzp_dk on OnlyFans.

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