• Dark says:

    High production values and completely silly “story”. I didn’t listen just watched. Just because it’s fetish doesn’t mean it’s good. This was awful.

  • Lady Arrakis says:

    Unfortunately, I must agree with Dark… Good technical side yet waste of people’s talents, especially Rubberdoll!

  • Dark says:

    Unfortunately??? I am not sure whether you meant it is unfortunate to agree with big bad Dark, or unfortunate that this was a poor attempt with wasted talent etc. I hope the latter.

    In general I would like to see MORE people use critical thinking when the view the “visuals” and presentations in the fetish world. There seems to be some sort of unspoken rule to not criticize, or if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.

    What is read as negative criticism or trashing something is or can be viewed as a kind of constructive criticism which hopefully leads to increasing the quality of the offerings.

    Fetish can and should be a creative endeavor, and in many ways it IS a visual art. With this understanding, merely cheering for everything out there, good, bad or indifferent is actually diluting the genre.

    I will say it is becoming increasingly difficult to be new and fresh and exciting and this is in itself a good topic for discussion. But I am certainly beginning to see lots of crappy stuff put out there in under the “theme” of fetish.

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