• Rene Schriver says:

    I have been very nice and naughty at the same time. I gave my pet a long sensual massage while she was inclosed in latex but after that I took my right. But she need a new catsuit with a hood and holes at the right places which will be a christmas for us both.

  • Gato&gata says:

    We have been nice.. mainly.. one of those periods with children all around and lots of family commitments… But, that will hopefully change. New Years party is going to be a naughty one :-)

  • Tadhg Sullivan Jnr says:

    It’s nice to be naughty but it’s not naughty to be nice!

  • goldensaint says:

    I have been nice. Very very nice, because I finally started making my own latex clothing and accessories. All thanks to Latex Kitty and the tutorials on her website.

  • nikki says:

    ive been nice on the inside, but my exterior could use a little “naughty”.


  • fetbot says:

    Naughty… I steal latex gloves from work for fun at home. It sure would be nice to get some decent gear though! Heh heh heh.

  • Walter says:

    Nice, way too nice this year. Hopefully I can win this 300 “naughty” bail out and ring in the new year on a naughty note!
    Here’s to a naughty (hopefully) Christmas!

  • alexxx says:

    Santa’s hair used to be brown, actually. But when I told him how naughty I’ve been, it turned white. True story…

  • Wrapped Annie says:

    I’m always nice…unless I’m allowed to be naughty. In which case I’m told I’m Nicely Naughty.

    Mr Nicely Nicely would have got very confused.

  • Amra Lall says:

    I’ve been naughty by torturing my dear boyfriend in all the ways he loves…

  • Nate says:

    I’ve been nice this year by introducing my girlfriend to the wonderful world of latex and kink. I want to help her unlock her naughty side and get her a catsuit or something else fun so we can both enjoy our rubbery fun!

  • TimR89 says:

    I’ve been en still am very naughty! I’ve just told my best friend about my huge latex-fetish, and guess what?! She’s into wearing it too! I would love to be able to buy some latex clothing to surprise her and see the smile on her face when she sees it!


  • Omarius says:

    I’ve been very nice this past year, new job, got engaged with a wonderful girl. We love being naughty though and this would be a great early wedding gift!

  • Falko says:


    I was nice, because I have not enough latex close and I hope I can change that with your bonus and get real naughty!

    I am a 43 old mal, who is living in Germany.

    The first time I touched latex for about 25 years I felt immediately in love with it.

    I like the look of latex and the feeling and the taste of it. I like to wear it on my own and I like to see woman in latex. I can’t resist a woman who is wearing latex.

    That is what I like on latex and rubber. If you are wearing it you become a different person. You have that glint in your eyes, which reaches all the way up to the fulfilling of your desires.

    So the latex and rubber get stronger and stronger in you and you get more powerful step bay step. That makes just an insatiable hunger of more and more!



  • Georg says:

    Waaaay too nice (to my g/f) and that’s the problem,
    cause she says, that … well, i’m too nice :)
    but to spice it up i’m in dire need of some naughty
    things … and the gift card would be a nice start :)

  • Peter Panner says:

    been very naughty recently, visiting Wasteland and enjoying it to the full… so much in fact that I ripped my favourite latex catsuit in action, so a gift voucher would be welcome !

  • I’ve been way too nice… all my money goes to helping my partially disabled mother and helping her run an animal rescue… it’d be great to actually be able to get something for myself for once <3

    PS I've been naughty too if you count me having sexxx


  • Two Vhargon says:

    I’ve been nice this year! Getting life on track, getting to the gym, not being cross with my co-workers even!

  • If I wasn’t so busy being nice lending myself to advising, guiding and counseling a grieving widow I may have time to indulge both of our naughty desires which may be the best coping mechanism for both of us. A gift card may allow us a healthy distraction.

  • dcmarsh says:

    I’ve been nice, but winning the gift card could cure that.

  • Waynebird says:

    I’ve been naughty. because i spent too much money for latex clothes this year… again. Instead of saving it! =/

  • Michael Wheeler says:

    I could have new twitpic instead of this one


  • Opper and ShinyOne says:

    Well, after flirting with Latex for a while, building up a closset of Nice looking garments, having loads of fun and pictures. We have been put on || for a while with a couple of Kids.

    N or N …
    hmmm my xmas present for ShinyOne was the possibility to refurbish her breasts, and she happy accepted this. So some might consider this as Nice some Naughty, we are just looking forward to do some Latex photoshooting and … but now with a cleavage again.
    Best N or N xmas wishes

    ShinyOne and Opper

  • Jan says:

    I’ve been nice. Because I simply _am_ nice.
    At least, that is what I like to believe myself, but my sweetheart doesn’t agree, she thinks i’m naughty to the core.
    Well, takes one to know one, they say.

  • Professor says:

    I’ve been nice.

  • Dear Rubber Santa, I have been soooooo nice at being naughty all year long. Im always perverted to strangers especially ones I meet in dark places. I don’t think its fair that all the tight restrictive wrapping should just go on the presents under the tree. I need some tight wrapping as well. I mean its only fair Santa isn’t it? There you are riding about on your sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer girls In pony gear. You got your presents to unwrap after Christmas. Then there’s me, who so would love to whipped into a flying frenzy and the best I can hope for Christmas is some decidedly un kinky socks .My Mistress, I think needs to have something pretty to wrap And unwrap and if im lying there under that tree in pair of flannel socks im only going to scare her. Thank you Rubber Santa and your milk and Viagra will be in the usual place.

  • Matt says:

    I’ve been naughty and need to keep up the momentum! I’ve been collared and tatoo’d by my Mistress and would love to be able to get her something really great as a thank you ;)

  • Call_me_O says:

    I look nice but I have a very naughty mind, when I look at you I’m wondering how long it would take to make you cum. I picture you in tight latex, tied up and helpless; struggling as I run the hitatchi over your XXXXX…..Ahem!!! back to reality and I look ever so nice, we shake hands and images flash through my mind, perverted images, lustful, irresistible thoughts. I see myself licking you as you reach a climatic orgasm…..Back to the real world and we exchange smiles as I wonder if you had any of the same thoughts as me…are you as naughty as me….perhaps even naughtier, who knows…maybe you deserve $300 dollars to spend on fetish clothing more than me…..but I doubt it.

  • 3xL says:


  • latexman says:

    Some days ive been nice some days ive been naugty. New job, new house make me nice but on darkkness of night… :D If i can spend 300$ ill be…hmmm naughty;)

  • I have been naughty on occasion – but not naughty enough I am afraid. But I promise to be naughtier next year!

  • B Debauchery says:

    Oh I’ve been very nice this year– I’ve shot wonderfully kinky art, competed in Miss Rubber World, and shared my pictures and love of latex with lovely, like-minded kinksters! I even started designing my own latex, and have repaired friends latex free of charge, as well as gifted beautifully crafted latex to both charity and friends. I don’t think you can get nicer than that!!

    <3 Miss B

  • leonacd says:

    i have been mostly nice, but only during the day. At night, I go often out, dressed into lycra, lack or latex.. And I get naughty. I would like to get even naughtier – go out in full latex outfit:)

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