• scott says:

    Why that be the work of a Mr Harald Wilfer, master creator of all things rubbery! check out HW DESIGN :)

    I saw yet another set of rip off designs from them that they were advertising on you tube from syren and the silk spectre outfit they had copied. I have cretainly wrote to them and told them what I think of them!!

  • Feena Fetishfairy says:

    It was originally made by HW-Design, Austria.


  • kumi says:
  • John says:

    Color me wrong, but I do believe that is Jean Bardot in the photo.

  • EBear says:

    Yes I would agree HW-Design, but I think a much better job could be done. Google Snow White and you will see a much nicer version in velvet (Girl under tree) and I think with a little work this kind of authenticity could be attained. Heavier latex for the puffed sleeves with inserts and fitted corset body, and slightly lighter weight latex for the skirt.

  • Anonymous coward says:

    Didn’t HW Design copy it off Disney originally though? ;)

  • anders says:

    It’s a pity too see such rip offs being on sale on eBay, but these items I foubd here is probably even worse, clothes

    It starts to be important for the EU/US manufacturers of premium latex to protect their image and brand names. I guess this is only the beginning and we will soon see more rip off’s on the shelfs in Europe as well. :(


  • karlzon says:

    Thanks a bunch! Strange I couldn’t find it through google…

  • Michelle says:

    I simply hate rip off’s. I knocked into a chinese company, and after ½ years research we found out that it was a rip off company. After this, I am clapping in my hands, that I haven’t bought anything from them, as I many times were very interested in some of their things. It showed up, that the pictures they use in their catalogs is from demask, and other brands. So watch out – do not buy from China Catfish Latex Factory – although they promise you a lot, its a rip off.


  • Dave Schlosser says:

    Greeting to all,
    Well by reading these post they tell me one thing and one thing only that if you want the best you have to purchase from the best so people why buy junk latex when you have makers like HW, Demask,Libidex and more that are located in the UK & Europe and they know how to make latex garments, I live in Canada and purchase from Demask & Libidex I think that when you have the best you sometimes forget how lucky to have the best in your backyard and get tricked in thinking that you do not and start looking in the incorrect direction.This is a saying I go by and all should right it down
    This speaks for itself and I will be going to UK & Europe to take in the best and to live there for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous coward says:

    So it’s OK for a good latex company to rip off the design of another big company, but it’s not OK for a chinese company to rip off a rip off? What a strange world we live in.

  • 3xL says:

    It’s OK to be inspired and develop your own idea… It’s NOT OK to copy latex designs from other and shit on photographer/model rights!

  • Dave Schlosser says:

    To the coward in question,
    First good latex makers do not steal latex photos from other good latex makers and show them on rip off latex makers websites.
    As for designs it is like the fashion industries all fair who ever makes it but they make it who ever the maker is, got me so far coward,
    Now go to catfishlatex website there you will see model Susan Wayland is she not a German model or does she part time it in China?
    Coward all photos on the best makers websites are copy right and in latex court it is breaking the law also it is misleading the buyer as false advertising another law broken. So rip off makers show the buyers what you can really make and stop using top of the line latex makers garment photos.
    Got the point coward I have more to add but this should make you think I HOPE if not get out of latex and get into spandex we in latex do not need you

  • Anonymous coward says:

    My point was about the design of the garment, the ripoff of the photograph is a different issue, and shouldn’t happen.

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