• Slinka says:

    I think they’re going to get a LOT of returns from people who don’t know how to take care of it and destroy it.

  • Great post.

    A few posters on Rubber Pal made some amusing observations about some of the mishaps that could occur, but I do wonder if anyone will buy it, and if so, what kind of care advice have the personnel been given?

  • peter says:

    Well, if there’s one thing unique about this it’s gotta be the price tags. This is really bizarre rubber.

  • Garlor says:

    I am still waiting for reports of this rubber to actually arrive in the stores. I bet the staff have no idea about the items and are clueless.A wasted chance to properly sell the idea, however many will be unable to look after latex.

  • Spotted on Facebook from Kaori’s Latex Dreams:

    I have posted this on my profile before but re-posting it now. Loads of girls will wear it once and tear it without being given any care instruction whatsoever (which is very unfair). It’s a crime to make clothes so disposable like this!
    So, to protest against this, I will massively undercut Topshop. If anyone wants the… same skirt in any colour, I will do it for £60 (which is even less than half).

    Email me to

  • latexman says:

    Many people don’t know what is latex. They mislead latex with lace or shiny lycra.

  • Dark says:

    This is a fashion trend which will pass with some joining the fetish faithfuls but most going on to the next trend.

    Fetish is something rather deeply ingrained in the psyche and it may be something that people can “learn” but it has to be accompanied by a clear appreciation of the benefits as well as the cost (both in dollars and emotional independence which attend).

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