I believe Frejadottir’s story is an inspiration for anyone who is dreaming of taking the latex lifestyle to the next level. Stay tuned for more latex lifestyle interviews, here on LUST LOVE LATEX.

3xL: Let’s talk basics. How did you get into latex?

Frejadottir: As I was 15-16 years old I always used to draw tattoos to my friends and so on. One day when I was buying tattoo-magazines, I saw this amazing cower of a Skin Two magazine showing a girl in black catsuit high heels and gas mask with lots of tubes… That did something to me… I was hooked on that expression of sexuality… I was so drawn by it and still thought it was very far from everything I’d ever seen or tried before… It was the total enclosure in the outfit she wore that tipped over my previous ideas of sexuality… that combined with the stories of INXS front singer dying from breath play that went wrong (I was terrified but also fascinated by playing on the edge)… I never told anyone back then… not even my boy friend (husband now) not until about 4 years ago… I got my first piece of latex at that time. It was a pair of briefs with build in dildo and a little later I got a miniskirt. I got my first catsuit in June 2013 and it was from Latexa Fashion. Today I prefer made-to-measure catsuits from Fantastic Rubber.

Frejadottir_black3xL: Do you have a huge collection of latex clothing and what is your favorite piece of latex?

Frejadottir: Hmm, do I have a huge collection… compared to some I have a lot but of course there are people who’s been in the scene for many years and they usually have large collections. I have at the moment 4 catsuits which fit me and one that’s too big. I have 8 different well fitted hoods and 2-4 that fits very bad. And of course all the loose accessories.

My absolute favorite is my black neck entry catsuit from Fantastic Rubber and my new Cat hood from Rubber55, the one that fits me best.

3xL: What kind of latex do you think look best on guys?

Frejadottir: Depends a lot of the type of guy – shape and attitude and if he is sub or dom. But basically I prefer tight made to measure masculine catsuits and I’m a sucker for black;-) (no torpedo catsuits for me or my play partners), the hood is important as well, but only if it really fits the shape of his head and eyes/mouth. If we’re talking light-latex then a latex T-shirt, chaps and briefs looks hot… But guys… remember to shave all .. especially if you wear chaps ;)

Frejadottir_transparent3xL: You must be quite busy being a mother of two. How do you balance your family life and fetish lifestyle?

Frejadottir: As you say, it’s a lifestyle so we make it fit into our vanilla life. Most of the time we’d like to use more time on our fetish, but it’s an expensive lifestyle, suits and travels included, so we have to have vanilla jobs to make a living and fetish for fun.

3xL: Do you have some good advice to others couples who feel that they don’t have enough time to commit this lifestyle?

Frejadottir: I don’t have any exact advice, but I can say that for us it’s just a matter of priority. We choose to do this, and therefor there are lots of things we don’t do – to save money or time for fetish instead. We don’t ever go out in normal clubs or discos or whatever… we don’t buy expensive vanilla clothes or shoes. We buy cheap thing and secondhand. I’m the hairdresser of the family and so on.

3xL: You been featured in Heavy Rubber magazine #35, filmed with Sebastian Solo and Latex Lucy. Can you tell us about how your modeling work?

Frejadottir: Well long story short – we found Fetlife and took some pictures which we uploaded. We got inspired by others and did some better pics and slowly it all just started happening. I was a fan of both Proud & Perverted / Sebastian Solo, Rubber Passion / Latex Lucy and not to forget the Heavy Rubber magazine, before I started all this myself, so being contacted and asked to participate was just amazing. It’s been all good experiences. And that’s what I’m craving for – good fetish experiences that helps me outlive my fantasies and push my limits. I’m very lucky as well to have a husband who shares my fetish and appreciates what I’m doing… also with others.

Frejadottir_berlin3xL: You seem quite experienced when it comes to rubber play. What is your favorite rubber activity?

Frejadottir: I’m not really that experienced. We haven’t been doing this (xxx photos/-videos and playing with others) for more than maximum 3 years or so. And we started out from basically no latex and no kink experiences besides a little mild private bdsm. But I guess I’m a fast learner and very eager to do so – ha ha.

Well, my favorite rubber activity… hmm that has to be; Pushing myself to the limit. When I play with someone I love to explore new aspects of my sexuality both as sub and as dominant. Right now my main interests are within the bondage genre. I love total enclosure and breath play – but only when it’s safe.

3xL: Do you think latex fetishism and sex are intrinsically connected, or can they be separate?

Frejadottir: I don’t know how others might think, but to me latex isn’t just another material or fabric… it transforms me into a person who dears showing my true sexual persona… which is both submissive slave or doll in the hands of the right dom or dominant strap on mistress with an urge to use my slave for my pleasure (and his ;-) ).

Frejadottir_black_bondage3xL: I know you attend fetish events both in and outside Denmark. What is a good fetish party for you?

Frejadottir: A good fetish party for me would be like the one I just experienced in the KitKatClub in Berlin at the German Fetish Ball Weekend. The KitKatClub is an awesome place. It’s big with different stores and lots of different dance floors with different kinds of music. And then there was great outdoor facilities such as a pool…(but the weather was way too cold to jump in). What really impressed me was the number of people in latex!!! It was like a gathering of beautiful rubber clad people <3 There was this vibe to it all … hmm a dark and kinky atmosphere that was pulsing through me – making me horny;-)

All this sounds good, but the most important basics are places to sit down (wearing 25 cmm heels is a killer if you don’t get to sit down once in a while) and proper play areas… The KitKatClub had it all. He he… and then we hooked up with another fetish couple to have some fun playing all together – AWESOME!!!

To me fetish parties in Copenhagen are cool too – that’s where we meet the kinky “family”… this is home base… but the transportation across Denmark plus entrance tickets are too expensive for us, so we don’t get to go there anymore… unfortunately.

3xL: Some people are scared or don’t know how to approach other people at events. How do you like to be approached at a fetish party?

Frejadottir: Hmm yes. I’ve experienced a bit too many times that I actually feel pretty alone (besides from my loving husband), lots of people write to me after a party, that they saw me there, but didn’t dared to come up to me. I’d prefer if people came over and introduced themselves to me and we could have a little chat if the circumstances allowed it. It can be a bit frustrating to see that people are talking about me, but not to me… I’m actually a very down to earth normal person… with a bit of a kinky lifestyle he he.

Frejadottir_soulmate3xL: Any future plans that you want to share with us?

Frejadottir: In the future I’ll be making more of my own designs in latex for my husband, for my slave and for me.

We’ll continue making kinky fetish pics and small videos first of all for ourselves, but also to feed my exhibitionist dragon by uploading it all on the different medias. And everything is still there for free – so no need to steal, but feel free to share my stuff with tags/watermarks kept on.

I’m planning a bit of filming with a Canadian guy – which will probably be in early Autumn. It will be me as sub, maybe including water-bondage and more people in the shoot, but nothing is certain yet.

In the other end of the scale, I’m planning to do some dominant play with Kinky Mistresses. There I’ll be the one in control, and you can be sure I’ll use my strap on!

And of course, I’ll be happy to do more shoots with both Latex Lucy from Rubber Passion and Sebastian Solo from Proud & Perverted.

Any new serious contacts or suggestions are also always welcome ;-)

3xL: Where can people keep up-to-date with everything about Frejadottir?

Frejadottir: well I have a lot of places where I show up occasionally ;-) There is Fetlife; Frejadottir – all perverted productions are allowed there. Same with Tumblr; Frejadottir. Twitter; Frejadottir – light fetish.. like facebook censorship.

Hmm and then I have an artist’s page on Facebook; Frejadottir… but right now Facebook is giving me trouble, because they want me to use my “real” name, which is totally out of the question. I might start up a Frejadottir2 on Facebook if everything else fails.


  • Mr & Mrs G says:

    We are also a kinky latex loving couple that are usually observed but rarely approached until after the event, usually on FetLife.

    We’ve watched Frejadottir’s videos frequently and absolutely love them!!

  • 3xL says:

    I believe it’s a very common mistake, it also happen to me. Thank you for commenting.

  • Ned Carn says:

    “Share your wisdom” hehe.
    I like this interwiew, thanx.

  • 3xL says:

    Thank you!

  • Erothiko says:

    Loved to read this interview.
    I’ve seen Frejadottir come in and exxplode in the scene and it’s been lovely to watch.
    I’m a fan and I will definitely approach her if I see her at a party. :)

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