3xL:Why did you choose fetish modeling?

Jade: I love fetish clothing! Fetish clothing is intended to provoke and arouse. Fetish fashion was always my particular kink, I started buying fetish clothing and shoes while I was still in high school! Everything from tight lacing corsets to extreme stiletto heels to shiny latex. I love the skin tight fit of fetish clothing and how flagrantly sexual it is. I love dressing in latex, whether I am at home, attending events, or doing a photo shoot. The smell, look, and sensation of slippery shiny latex on my skin is a true aphrodisiac. I am a fetishist first, model second.

3xL: Why Jade Vixen? Where did that name come from?

Jade: Jade was a name I used on the fetish club scene, I added Vixen to it since I needed a surname for my fetish persona. There were so many girls named “Jade” on the fetish scene, I had to make my name somewhat unique.

3xL: From who do you get your inspiration for your work?

Jade: John Willie’s Bizarre is my main inspiration. The idealized female figure depicted in those vintage fetish magazines (long thin limbs, tiny nipped in waist, curvy breasts and butt) was my feminine ideal. I started collecting fetish magazines in the mid-90s when I was introduced to the fetish scene, Atomage, Marquis, Skin Two, <O>, Secret. Heavy Rubber and I still have most of them! At this point, I strive to find a balance between shooting new designs for clothing designers and content for my members. Some times, a new latex design or colour will inspire me to do a themed shoot. Or the acquisition of a rare pair of collectible hand made high heels. An exotic location to shoot in also helps! I do some of my best work in the most unexpected locales.

3xL: Do you see latex clothing as a toy, a tool or something else?

Jade: I feel that latex clothing has an appeal far beyond fashion. Slipping into a latex ensemble is like undergoing a transformation into a hyper sexual, slinky, slippery persona.

3xL: Tell about your new members site –, what’s it all about?

Jade: It is all about me and my extensive fetish fashion wardrobe, photographed in a glamorous manner. It has a heavy focus on latex fetish fashion and extreme fetish heels, with some exquisite corsets, lingerie, and nylons. As of right now, I have nearly 7000 images, grouped as sets of 40-70 photos. 95% of my content is exclusive to my site and you cannot see it any where else online! I try to update at least once a week to keep my members happy! The majority of my photo updates feature exquisite custom latex from some of the top designers.

3xL: And finally, what’s next for Jade Vixen?

Jade: World domination! ;-) I’m starting by accepting the Fashion Editor position for Lust, Love & Latex. More fetish performances at various fetish events around the world, and much more fetish modelling!

3xL: You are welcome on the team! I’m looking forward to hear the latest news and insights from latex fashion scene.

You can find Jade Vixen at and follow her @jade_vixen on Twitter.



  • Dark says:

    Her answer about why she is a fetish model pretty much sums up what dressing for pleasure – fetish is all about – it’s turning yourself into an object of desire and affirming this as a part of eroticism in others.

    All the fashion latex is really all about this and the idea that we can express this in public – that we are sexual objects and dress to amplify and express this in no uncertain terms.

  • Lady Arrakis says:

    @ Dark – indeed, along with botox, silicone implants and all measures necessary, we trying to prove, we are “still in the game”, fighting for getting our gens spreaded;; the game of life.

  • Gary Brindle says:

    Not always Dark, it can be a selfish exercise designed to just feel good and also annoy the straight thinking boring people who cannot cope with visual self expression in public.

  • Dark says:


    You may be correct, but I find it hard to believe that this is a true motivation – to annoy narrow minded people. I can understand a more positive reason to expose people to something new. But annoying is actually going to make the matter worse for those who want to be free to simply express themselves. In the worst case you get a backlash and a clamping down of free expression.

    For example, when hem lines rise to the point where the skirt is barely concealing one’s privates the arbiters of taste come along and dress codes are imposed which are MORE draconian. So the adventurous seeking self expression and perhaps trying to get more tolerance produces the exact opposite result by effectively pushing too far.

    This type of reaction is not going to stop some from pushing boundaries as far as public appearance goes and those that do it seem to care less and perhaps relish being looked at as a “freak”. They want to dissociate themselves from the mainstream. And they do. But it’s debatable if this helps in freeing up general attitudes.

    Fetish fashion is sort of an elegant means to express kinky eroticism with some level of subtly in what is supposed to be a look society can accept. But once you push too much toward kink – say hoods and masks which are completely accepted in the kink world, you are crossing some invisible line of acceptability. Description is advised, ie save the really kinky stuff for private encounters.

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