• Looks like a nice range!

  • The image does not come close to capturing the full range. I’m new at using this system and couldn’t figure out how to upload all the pictures.

    Northbound Leather’s expansion of their latex selection is very exciting news!
    You have to understand that until not too long ago, anyone wishing to purchase latex in a shop was pretty well limited to going to a sex shop and purchasing the cheap stuff that comes in cardboard packaging – the stuff we’ve all come to loathe.

    To have a store – and a high-end one at that – that stocks a wide range of beautiful and quality designs that one may try on is a real step in the right direction in my hometown.

  • Sean says:

    So glad to hear that Northbound has increased their latex collection, we have been going there for years now, only to walk out with nothing because the selection and sizes of rubber were sooo limited. Cannot wait to take a trip down there and see whats new.

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