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  • Atropos says:

    Wow – any death is always a shocker..high profile deaths even more

    This is the 3rd death this month I have heard of in the scene :(

  • Anonymous says:

    who else died?

  • Anonymous says:

    Very sad. A great loss for the fetish industry :( He will definately be missed.

  • Anonymous says:

    HI Sheila From Eros Boutique, I remember Bob from many years ago, when we both started , he and his wife, used to wholesale pvc before skin two merger with wildwood, boy a long time ago, and then they opened the la store,

    He was a gentlemen and a businessman creating gwenmedia, his wife was always at his side at every fetish flea market etc,,

    Atleast you know he went to a more peaceful place and I am sure is looking over his loved ones,


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