• Speaking of experience, cups and “made to messure” are well worth the extra effort/cash :)

  • Speedoguru says:

    Thanks for sharing, Marina. Your story certainly promotes the special experience of wearing custom latex! :)

  • Agent 99 says:

    Great story! If you don’t mind me asking, may I know what silicone lube you used? To my knowledge, that stuff is really expensive?

  • @Agent 99: Silicone lube can be had quite cheaply when you buy in bulk at places such as The Chemistry Store.

    This was an excellent article, and I’d like to point out that many of the designers and labels now offer made to measure at prices not that much higher than normal. It’s definitely worth it.

    Sadly, one of the worst things for me is experiencing customers too impatient not to grab the first thing that they can semi wriggle into, as they’re dying for something immediate that they can take away. Believe it or not, I always feel a little pained when I see the not so nice results at a club later on.

    Patience, folks! Patience!

  • Observer says:

    The more tight fitting, the more complex the garment, and the more “not 100% average” the body shape, the more important it’s to get custom fitting. A t-shirt you can get away with (if you’re a guy), but a catsuit… custom fitting is almost mandatory IMO.

    I can’t understand why people aren’t willing to pay a bit extra to get something that is twice as good.

  • Ellendyl says:

    Thank you for your testimony, it’ll be for sure pushing people to try it out.

    To help that goal, is it possible to provide links to makers able to do such a tailoring?

    And to help wonder how good it looks, is it possible to provide pics (especially if you have comparison tailored catsuit/untailored).

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