• Anonymous says:

    It is not correct that Model Sanctum is an “invite only” website: Anyone can join for a fee starting at about $10 a month. However if you have an invitation, you get in for free.

    I did not get invited, so I haven’t joined.


  • Anonymous says:

    I entirely agree with the sentiment underlying Alex’s reaction. The fetish movement I got into back into the 80’s was remarkable mainly because it broke down the previous barriers of the “glamour business” and showed that anyone could dress up and party. Seems to me this exclusivity pretense is a backward step, and is to be deplored – not just for the way it expresses rejection, but for the fact that the rejection is false in any case.

    Mr Bond

  • Anonymous says:

    The reason why it’s invite only is so that it doesn’t become another website which consists predominantly of girls taking photos of themselves in lingerie on their cam phones.

    It’s actually very easy to get invited – you just need to show that you have a fetish portfolio!

    And AlexX DID get an invite – we invited him PERSONALLY at Kink in the Caribbean in November!


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