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  • Paul says:

    I’m Paul from image-machine, the subject of the ‘Last Supper’ story that appeared here a few weeks ago.

    Gero contacted me this week, saying “I have to tell you, that it has been done before. I directed a music video with a fetish last supper for a London electro clash band. Very stylish… …With beautiful models in great individually designed outfits.” He went on to say “It goes without saying, that we developed this vision independently from each other, but you will look like the plagiarist.” Well, my message to Gero is that this has been done MANY times. I’ve seen many different versions with all kinds of characters – In fact when I launched my project I put samples of some of the other versions here:

    My version will be no more and no less a copy of the Da Vinci than Gero’s – His is a promotional video for a band, mine is a mixed media (photography/CGI) statement about censorship and the rise of fundamentalist attitudes, so mine will look VERY different to his. I guess that when it’s complete, people will be able to choose which one they like best.

  • Jessica says:

    Well… let’s say I expected more, and let’s leave it that way :|

  • Onij says:

    Wow, what a major disappointment

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