• Rubberboy1987 says:

    Wow, thats really cool, with the tickets, and the Rubber Ball too of course. But I’m not gonna apply for a ticket since i think it’s gonna cost too much for my vallet and I’m only a student :(. Even though I have actually saved up money for some fetish-fun.

    Probably I will also be the only youngster in my age, and be kinda alone.
    I’m moving to Copenhagen in august, and there i have small plans to try out the fetish envireonment.

    I hope you will post some more information about “who” won the tickets, and how many entries you got.

  • 3xL says:

    Hi Rubberboy1987!

    Glad to hear that you like the Skin Two Rubber Ball draw. Yes, I’ll post about who won the tickets and hopefully also have a photo where I present them the tickets in London!

    Don’t feel left out be course you are young. Young people like you are always welcome in all fetish scenes. So don’t feel left out, ok!

    Well… since you are moving here, I guess I’ll be seeing you around!


  • Ratbag says:

    Wish I could go in for this, but for various complicated reasons we can’t travel too far from home at the moment… :(

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