• latexcatsuit says:

    Dawnamatrix is one of the first designer, expressing their supporting by selling “I Heart Japan T-shirt”.
    Yes, I’m Japanese, living in a city near Tokyo. Let me speak on behalf of Japanese.
    Thank you for your supporting Japan, particularly Tohoku, severely damaged area by that terrible earthquake and tsunamis.

  • Jack says:

    Gorgeous designs! Hard to choose just one! But if I had to, I’d choose the Chrysanthemum River Kimono, just stunning.

  • Lady Arrakis says:

    So many awesome things! Aside stunning kimonos I am badly in need for an inflatable cat tail to complete my outfit!

  • Phoenix says:

    Dawn makes so many beautiful designs, it is hard to choose! I would order a custom hood though, as her applique work is out of this world.

    Love the wedding dresses!!!

  • EAF says:

    Would have to be the sweetheart ruffle dress.. :-)

  • Rubberinchen says:

    The one – Plum Blossom Kimono – I love the blossoms and the sleves – and the colour – looks really great!

  • minnlatx says:

    Well first of all, thank you 3xL for the info. about the latex giveaway over at fetlife. Secondly, WOW!!! that company has some amazing designs and colors.

    As for what i would love to have from the site i would go after the min. men colonial jacket, or the LUX catsuit!!! Love that jacket and rock that thing everytime!!! And for the catsuit…im dying to still get my first latex catsuit!!

  • DarkOne says:

    I would choose one of the kimono’s. They are super!
    But its very hard to choose one thing from such a lovely collection;)

  • Red says:

    I think I’d have to go with the courtesan skirt, as a gift for someone special. :)

  • Pete says:

    What a great competition! If I won, I think it would have to go towards the Blossoming Elegant Gown- my other half would just be over the moon with a dress like that

  • Cernunnos says:

    Hmm… I’m thinking I’d have to go with the Dragon mini-dress for the missus…

    Though some of the Colonial stuff would be great, considering we’ll be celebrating the War of 1812 not far from us soon…

  • Isaac de Icaza says:

    If I win the gift card I would buy definitely the “College Rule Top” and the “Cherry Blossom Thong” but would think about buying also the “I heart japan tee” that I found amazing and the “Sumi-e Halter” “Sumi-e Brief”. I want to take some pictures of every one of those.

  • SirRedBear says:

    There is a lot of latex I would buy from Dawnamatrix Designs but what i really need right now is a new Classic Mini or maybe a Pencil Skirt for going out on the town.

  • Sweet Gwendoline says:

    Where do I begin? Good on you Dawnamatrix for having another competition. I would choose the kooky realistic pencil skirt. Too cute!

  • Leia says:

    Thanks Dawnamatrix for this giveaway. I would choose applique bandeau top to match my corsets.

  • Nicole says:

    I am admiring her Dragon Dresses. Yummy!

  • Wolfie says:

    I had the pleasure to walk for Dawnamatrix at NYC Rubberball and it was my first experience in latex, as well as doing any sort of modeling work.

    I’d start my latex wardrobe with the Cherry Blossom Bandeau or the I <3 Japan shirt

  • Angel says:

    I would definitely put it towards a Sumi-e halter top and briefs. It’s such a lovely simple design that really stands out :)

  • jason says:

    I would buy my beautiful wife a nice kimono which she really deserves for being a great wife.

  • Ashley Mackie says:

    Jade with Black applique Sumi-e Halter, for sure :)

  • Alexis says:

    Wow another competition, yum! So reasonably priced for what it is. One day I will have the matrix kimono! One day! But for now I’d get a colonial halter and a thong <3
    Every thing is so cool!

  • Phil says:

    Living in Japan, having a Japanese wife and family(-in-law) seriously affected by the earthquake in the North, I would also have to say the I <3 Tshirts. Everything to support the people up there.f

    Lot's of other fantastic design on the site there though, but a bit out of my budget unfortunately

  • I would want to purchase the Romance set if I win the e gift card, because I just lust, love LATEX!

  • Waldemar says:

    I’d like to have the “I heart Japan” latex t-shirt.

  • electrotodd says:

    It would be easier to tell you what I wouldn’t buy! But I suppose the front runners are the China and Dragon dresses, or maybe the full-blown catsuit^^

  • Dean says:

    Fantastic designs! Loving the Japan-inspired dresses but I think the cat-tail briefs are utterly adorable, I’d go for those!

  • fetishpit says:

    I would purchase the I heart Japan latex t-shirt.

  • Chuchu says:

    Wow, nice design! Never seen that site before.

    I would love to buy the “I Heart Japan Tee”.

  • Danielle says:

    how can i choose just one thing?! if i had the money id buy one of everything-i absolutely love Dawnamatrix designs!! ok, im putting my money on the scarlet dress! its amazing! and i really like to show off my best *ass*ets…T&A ;D

  • Florence says:

    I would definitely go for the the Zip Front Shirt as it would go with so many things, and look great with my new haircut!

  • Null Latex says:

    What to chose??
    If possible I would love to buy most of it, but as the reality is something different I will have to go with the “I Heart Japan Tee”

  • Krissy says:

    All of her items are amazing! It is very hard to pick my favorite. I fell in love with the Courtesan Skirt, now to pick a color……

  • addicted2L8X says:

    Really love that “I Heart Japan Tee”,
    I think this would be one thing I would buy! : )

  • isdykelis says:

    If I could choose all, I will take everything, but I need choose only one thing, so I choose Dragon Catsuit … I love catsuits, and that dragon catsuit looks fantastic ;)

  • DudeIncognito says:

    Definitely the dragon catsuit! Giddy up!

  • Justred says:

    I would love the Chrysanthemum kimono!

  • Milieu says:

    Dawnamatrix you do some amazing latex and applique! I would love to order some intricate men’s clothing.

  • RL says:

    So hard to choose, but I think it would have to be the Dragon Lady dress! It’s absolutely stunning! :D

  • BlackAngel says:

    It’s too difficult to choose only one thing :) But I would like to buy Lux Catsuit. Me + Catsuit = The best gift for my boyfriend :D

  • Sarah says:

    Her applique skills are really amazing. I love all of the kimono designs. I would probably see if she could do a custom applique design on one of the zip-up tops.

  • 3xL says:

    Giveaway is closed!

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