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3xL by Maxime Avet3xL (How to pronounce) is a Copenhagen-based latex fetishist, fetish artist Fetish Posters, fetish book author RubberLife, and latex blogger. He writes about latex fetishism, the fetish community and his personal experiences.

The weblog “Lust, Love, Latex” was started by 3xL, tuesday on the 17’th of September in 2002. What started out as a personal weblog devoted to latex fetishism, fashion, news, and culture in general quickly grew in popularity and grew into what you see today.

The goal is to motivate, educate and share about the wonders of latex and to show outsiders that latex is a fun and creative lifestyle!

3xL is very active in the fetish community, so he tends to attend the fetish parties at the local fetish club Manifest, but he also attends events in Germany and the U.K.

Q&A with 3xL

How did Love Lust & Latex come about?
I started “Lust Love & Latex” back in September of 2002. At that time I was still living with my latex fetish in secret and the blog was a way to tell others about the thoughts and feelings I had when I was in the process of coming out as a latex fetishist.

What is the hardest thing you find doing in your webblog?
I find it hard to find enough time for my blogging. Sure my blog is my passion and how I share my love for latex with the world, but I also have a regular everyday life like everybody else. I am a part-time graphic designer and husband, father, and also have two small dogs.

What is the easiest thing?
Finding something to write about. When I first started my blog, I thought that I would run out of things to write about within the first few years. Boy, was I wrong! The latex fetish scene is constantly evolving and changing, so there will always be something to write about.

Do you spend a lot of time on the internet?
I actually do! I try to keep up to date with the latest fetish news on other sites and communities, but most of my stories actually come from my readers, friends in the community.

Do you like to go to many fetish parties or clubs?
I love fetish parties! I always get a huge energy boost from hanging out with a lot of fellow-minded people. I have visited many fetish parties around the world, from the infamous Rubber Restaurant in Tokyo to our local ManiFest Fetish Club in Copenhagen. Some of the best fetish parties are found in Germany, my long-time personal favorites are the magnificent German Fetish Ball or the fantastic Fetish Evolution.

What is the fetish scene like in Denmark?
Friendly, mature, and open-minded! Most people know each other, so it’s like one big family.
And thanks to a few local fetish/bdsm clubs and some passionate individuals, there are fetish events happening on a monthly basis. Once a year we have a big party, known as the “Fetish Fashion Party”, that attracts an extremely well dressed and playful crowd.

Why did you write your book?
During my coming out process I looked all over for a book on how a person can come to terms with his or her fetish for latex, how to come out to a partner, and how to get out and meet people from the fetish community. I never found any. So, after having gone through all of this myself, I decided to write a book that contained all of the information that I wished I’d had available when I was about to “come out” – an ultimate beginners guide to the latex fetish lifestyle!

How long did it take to write your book Rubber Life?
I first got the idea for writing it around five years eariler. But it was not before the summer of the year 2010, that everything started to fall into place. The main writing process took a few months, editing and design took an additional two months. The hardest part was actually getting started.

On a more personal level: Did you ever run into trouble because of your fetish? How did you handle it?
I once wore latex under my regular clothing at work. It was no problem until I was called into an urgent meeting with a client. When I sat down, my latex clothing made a loud fart and everybody looked at me. Very embarrassing!

What is the LatexWiki?
The LatexWiki is a free latex fetish encyclopedia that I started five years ago. I wished to build a latex encyclopedia where people could share information and knowledge. The LatexWiki was and still is a huge success, it has grown into a massive online resource with more than 1.000 articles related to latex fetishism. All thanks to a huge number of contributors, editors, and admins, who add new articles on a daily basis and keep the information updated.

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to a new fetishist or rubberist?
Don’t be afraid, follow your heart and live out your dreams.

Do you have other hobbies?
I love to travel and explore foreign cultures, take long walks with our dogs, watch movies with my wife on the sofa, and enjoy great food in the company of friends and family.

Do you have any role models and why do you look up to them?
My big brother and my good friend K, showed me the fetish ropes and answered all the questions, I had when I first came out. They were my role models. I believe that it is absolutely key to have someone with that you can share your thoughts when you are in the process of coming out.

If you could make up a word to replace the word fetish what would be?
“Magic wand”! I very much believe that that’s the true nature of a fetish. It’s this marvelous “magic wand” that gives you the most incredible sensations and much pleasure. It’s great to play with your magic wand alone, but if you share the magic wand with your partner, it’s even better.

What is your fav place to travel to?
I love Japan! I have been there several times and it never fails to amaze me. Japan has a rich culture, friendly people, and some super weird fetishes. I plan to go there with Latex Kitty soon!

What do you love about Denmark?
I love the Danish summers with their long light evenings where the sun goes down after 9 and up again around 3 in the morning. I also like the city of Copenhagen with its small streets and old houses.

How did you meet Latex Kitty?
I first meet Kitty at a Fetish Expo in Berlin. She was walking around the exhibition floor in a black catsuit, handing out flyers for one of the local latex manufacturers. I was taking photos for my blog and asked if I could take a photo of her. We started talking and one thing lead to another. Today we are happily married and live together in a small flat in Copenhagen with our two dogs. Kitty shares my love for latex and our fetish has become a natural part of who we are. Being able to live out my latex fetish with my partner is much more that I could ever have dreamed of, so naturally, I’m a very happy guy.

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