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As a fetish blogger, I have written a number of fetish guides dealing with different aspects of latex fetishism and the fetish community. How do you come out with a latex fetish? How do you go to a fetish party? How do I meet other people into latex? How do you wear latex in public? These are all questions I try to answer here.

Topic: Fetish Guides

Friendly Fetish: A Beginner’s Guide to Kink by Emily Dubberley.

When someone you love is kinky by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt.

The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex: An Indispensable Guide to Pleasure & Seduction by Barbara Keesling.

Come Hither: A Commonsense Guide To Kinky Sex by Gloria G. Brame.

Nice Couples Do: How to Turn Your Secret Dreams into Sensational Sex by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd.

SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman.

Sensuous magic: a guide for adventurous couples by Pat Califia.

Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission by Gloria G. Brame, Jon Jacobs, Will Brame.

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism by Philip Miller, Molly Devon, William A. Granzig.


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