So last month I contacted Toylie, who graciously sent me a few samples of their premium latex cock sheaths to review… And here it is – the Toylie Latex Cock Sheath Guide!


“As far back as I can ever remember I have dreamed dreams of claustrophobic rubber masks, shiny latex, corrugated tubing, mysterious machines and beautiful, powerful women performing strange rituals and medical procedures.”

“I thought I was alone in my desires and for many decades held in those thoughts and repressed my fantasies. I still dreamed vivid dreams and felt desires but had no outlet.”

“As a professional artist and designer I made vanilla works and worked on may respectable creative projects. But nothing in the real world scratched the itch.”

“It was an itch that gnawed at the back of the mind, triggered by a flash of a slick, shiny, silky surface, the scent of rubber or the sounds of breathing. Every day, without fail, all my life. And every night in that place where dreams come, I would fleetingly find myself in dark corridors, witness to and subject to the strange, delicious pleasures where gender dissolves and only sensation and desires take hold.”

“After years of wanting to express this side of me I created phetishskin – an anonymous persona to allow me to explore my dreams and desires without restraint.”

Please support Phetishskin via Patreon – take part of the artistic exploration of the latex fetish bizarre!


So when wearing the hood for longer durations, the wearer needs to keep an eye on how much sweat accumulates inside the hood and make sure it doesn’t obstruct the airflow.

The microporous latex hood is made-to-measure and the price ranges from $140-165 depending on color or thickness.

Order via the webshop.


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