I believe Frejadottir’s story is an inspiration for anyone who is dreaming of taking the latex lifestyle to the next level. Stay tuned for more latex lifestyle interviews, here on LUST LOVE LATEX.


My readers should be able to see themselves and learn from my experiences like they used to when I first started blogging. I want to dive into serious issues that every latex fetishist can relate to and choose not to care about which celebrity is currently wearing Atsuko Kudo’s latex design.

I wish to continue to support the fetish community. I believe it’s important to support those who strive to make our fetish world a better place. This goes for both the established ones, but also newcomers and especially the ones in my local community. I will continue to feature interviews with latex designers, fetish models and other people who inspire me, people who live the fetish lifestyle and contribute to the fetish community.

It’s my hope that this post gave you an idea of why I stopped updating and what exciting plans I have for my blog in the future. I would be grateful if you would leave a comment and tell me what kind of themes you would like to read about here on the 3xL blog? Feel free to contact me via email, Twitter or FetLife, if you just want to say hi or have a latex fetish tip for me. Thank you for your support.

The various latex pony girls come with each their unique style and color, and half of them are wearing kinky latex clothing and hoods.

The pony girl rockers are made from a plywood base with hand-painted graphics and can be ordered as “ready to assemble” for 1.395 EUR or as a set of DIY templates for 69 EUR.

It’s the perfect gift for everyone, including myself, who dreamed of having a real latex pony girl. I really wish I had my own latex pony girl rocker, but I don’t know which one to pick – “Vanda” or “Xenia”? Difficult choice, for sure! What’s your favorite?

Order them at KinkLure on Etsy.


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