• SimCLaSH says:

    I can see where you’re coming from. On the one hand it’s nice that it’s becoming a little more mainstream, but it brings with it challenges. I agree about holding strict nights etc.
    Everyone wants our passion to become more acceptable, but also we enjoy the fact that it means we’re a bit different to the mainstream – I guess we’ll all just have to find something else to express our individuality haha.
    I’ve never been to a Torture Garden night before, but was planning on going to the Birthday celebrations in April if possible – I’ve got a trip to London that weekend, so look forward to perhaps seeing you there.

  • ThomasW says:

    True words Jackson Rocco!
    TG crowd is getting into cheesy-fancy dress style more and more. And TG does nothing to stop it. They SAY: We will enforce the dresscode but they ACT the opposite. Moving the Halloween Party from Mass to SeOne shows, that they are out for a bigger crowd. I guess, at the end, it is all about the money. Sad but true.

    Want to attend TG and do not know what to wear? Visit AmericanApparel on London Oxford Street and buy yourself a black wetlook Leggings and a fishnet top. Thats enough to pass the dresscode.

  • Rubberboy says:

    There has been a steep decline in dresscode discipline in the Swedish fetish scene over the past year or so. I really don’t know why, but it troubles me. Like this article suggests, more and more clubs seem to prefer quantity over quality, and BDSM acts over a strict dresscode.

  • As a marketing strategy exclusivity should impel people to come. When I first started going back in the late 90s I used to get a lot of hassle for not making an effort – one time I was refused entry and I was gutted, but I understood. If people make the effort and also put their identity on the line (in a way) then its anyone street-clad is literally spoiling the party. regards Jackson

  • About money. Say everyone paid 36 quid, which they didn’t when there’s a guest list. That’s what 2,400 x 36 at a push call it 85 grand. It’s not a lot really. You have to subtract DJs, performers, musicians, models, attendants, administrators, door, promotion, marketing, decor, lights, tax, venue and equipment hire fees. Generally club-nights are done for love and its a slog if things get difficult. I was careful to review the venue and the event separately.

  • I say to everyone. Go, go go. It’ll be – for first-timers – the night of your life. With it being a bit Paulo Nuitini rather than Vodka Martini it’s a better time than any to enter the scene.

  • Brandon C. says:

    Very well put! You’re a word-Master!

  • Madeline says:

    I was rather bedazzled by the theming and carnival like atmosphere – you cannot fault TG for their careful attention to detail and their performance philosophy. Everywhere I looked there was something happening and I still managed to miss alot of what was on the programme.

    I was at the Halloween party also and the improvements they made for the V Day party was huge. TG listens to its customers.

    I kind of expected the mainstream crowd but it was still very disappointing, when I go to TG Mass however which way I am dressed I am always shown appreciation and looks of wonder, whilst at SEOne I receive more typically the “fuck i don’t know where to look” type of response. It’s not TG’s fault, they are trying to run a business and make a living. More power to them for that.

    One thing they really really need to be careful of are the wet slippery floors, I saw one girl go over and I was treading very carefully myself most of the night.

  • Spot on, I couldn’t agree more. One of the best things is that you have to keep moving to catch everything, and you never will.
    I do believe they need room managers (in nationalistic TG uniforms?) to take care of things like slippery floors or liaise with other staff. I remember once a ‘hands-in coffin’ incident affecting an over-eager newbie deeply. ‘TG officers’ could prevent newbies from making rash decisions. Regards, Jackson

  • Ponyboy says:

    I totally agree with you observations. THis is exactly how my Fiancee and I have fely about much of the Parties that were held in NYC when we lived there.

    Of course now we live in the Northwest and …um…its worse when it comes to the large parties we’ve been to. But at least the small events are still a chance to don some rubber and have a kinky time — without the small minded gawkers!

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