As Johntaro sits at his tablet scribbling away, streaming, glimpses of this bizarre world appear to him in fever dreams. Some say he isn’t even human anymore!

Johntaro’s amazing artbook “Alvinus: TNTCL“, is filled with colorful drawings of latex elf girls getting into very explicit situations. If you love fantasy, latex, and tentacles, I highly recommend that you check it out.

Join Johntaro as he descends into latex fetish madness. Follow him on Twitter at @Studioaip and check out his live streams at You can also visit his website at

You can see both Isa’s artistic talent as well as her intuitive understanding of light in her latex studies. Her ability to achieve such a shiny latex look on such a small canvas with 16 shades of gray is phenomenal.

You can support Isa’s art and get a detailed look into how she creates her pixel and character art by joining her Patreon page.

Also visit Isa’s print shop on Inprnt and follow insaneisane on Twitter and insaneisane on Instagram.

Study XV by Isane Lansky
Study XI by Isane Lansky
Study XIV by Isane Lansky
Study XIII by Isane Lansky

“As far back as I can ever remember I have dreamed dreams of claustrophobic rubber masks, shiny latex, corrugated tubing, mysterious machines and beautiful, powerful women performing strange rituals and medical procedures.”

“I thought I was alone in my desires and for many decades held in those thoughts and repressed my fantasies. I still dreamed vivid dreams and felt desires but had no outlet.”

“As a professional artist and designer I made vanilla works and worked on may respectable creative projects. But nothing in the real world scratched the itch.”

“It was an itch that gnawed at the back of the mind, triggered by a flash of a slick, shiny, silky surface, the scent of rubber or the sounds of breathing. Every day, without fail, all my life. And every night in that place where dreams come, I would fleetingly find myself in dark corridors, witness to and subject to the strange, delicious pleasures where gender dissolves and only sensation and desires take hold.”

“After years of wanting to express this side of me I created phetishskin – an anonymous persona to allow me to explore my dreams and desires without restraint.”

Please support Phetishskin via Patreon – take part of the artistic exploration of the latex fetish bizarre!


I decided to continue working as a poster artist, creating many more exciting designs in the future and offering them to all kinky-minded people out there.

Go ahead and order your kinky poster, with or without a frame and have it shipped directly to your front door.

To celebrate the grand opening, you get 15% discount on any order, for the first 15 days!

Use the coupon code “15FIRST15OFF” on checkout. The coupon expires: SEPTEMBER 9th, 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: The shop currently only ships to addresses within the European Union. But no fear, worldwide delivery will be next. Thank you for your patience!

I previewed an unfinished version of “The Mistress” on Twitter and received a very positive response – everybody loved her. Thank you all for your support. I finished my artwork now and want to give you the chance to win a private “session” with “The Mistress” by entering my giveaway.

1. Share a link to this post on FetLife, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media channel.
2. Leave a comment here with a link to your social media channel and what print of “The Mistress” you want, if you are the winner.

Only one entry per person! One person with several entries disqualifies for the giveaway draw. authors can’t take part in this draw. integer generator will pick the winner.

This giveaway closes 48 hours from now, Wednesday April 27th 2016, at 12.00 p.m (recorded by the comment time stamp).

And the winner is: The Rubber Duke!


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